Table of Energy Centers

No. Energy Center

Acupuncture Name, No.

Chakra Personality Type

Endocrine Secretions



Swadisthana Over The Spleen Social Splenic

Plexus Hypogastricus



2. Sperm Palace Jing Gong


Chung-Chi, CO-3 Four tsun below the Umbilicus

Kuan-Yuan CO-4 Three tsun below the navel, female ovaries energy center

Muladhara genita sacral Physical sensation level, Gonads

l Prostate gland, seminal vesic


Red e

3. Gate of Mortality Door of Death&Life

Hui-Yin, CO-1 In the center of the perineum, midway between anus & scrotum in the male and the posterior labial commissure in the female.


Bulbourethral gland, ending of the nerves vessels, testes


4. Woei Liu

Chang-Chiang, CO-1 At the lower end of the coccyx between the tip of the coccyx and the anus.

Coccygeal, Sacral Base of the Spine the Root Chakra

Coccygeal Body

5. Door of Life

Ming Men, CO-4 Between the spinous process of




the 2nd & 3rd lumbar vertebrae, at the midline

6. Jai-Ji

Chi-Chung, CO-6 below the spinous process of the Tilth vertebra

Manipura Pancreas, Solar Plexus, Intellectual Coeliac



7. Yu-Chen The Jade Pillow

Yu-Chen, BL-9 On the lateral part of the upper margii of the external occiputal protuberance and opposite Tien-Chu BL-10

Medulla, Cerebellum


8. Niwan Kung Huan< Gong (Yellow Palace)

Pai-Hui, G0-20 A 1 the point of inter-

sectional line joining upper tip of ears and a line from the middle of the forehead directly toward the vertex

t Sahasrara, Crow Imaginative, Brair Absorbing the Yang (heavenly energy) The doo spirit

n Pineal r



1 In the mid point c the forehead



10. Tsu Ch'iao Origi nal Cavity o spirit. The gateway to heaven. Heaven and Earth Yu Ting, Cauldron

Yin-T'ang, CL-1 - Midway between f the two eyebrows in the center of th< the brain.

Ajna, Brow Intuitive, Pituitary , Carotid



11. Shan -ken root of the mountain

At the middle of the two eyes at the root of the nose

12. Chuen Tou Su-Liao

On the tip of the nose.

Pool T'ien hsueh Hsuan ying cavity

About 1.5 inches Behind the teeth on the palate; behind the heavenly

Mysterious bridle

14. Twelve Story Shyr Ell Jong Lou

Hsuan-Chi, CO-21 On the Midline of the sternum

Vissuddha, Throat Conceptual, Pharyngeal, Plexus Cervicus

Thyroid, Parathyroid


15. Gentle -man Palace (Jiun Juu Gong) Shin Gong

Shan-Chung, CO

-17 Midway between the two nipples, on the level with 4th spa

Anahata, Heart Acquisitive Cardiac ce.

Thymus Heart Bodies


16. Huang -ting Gong Middle Tan T'ien (Yellow Hall Center) Chung Gong

(Middle palace) Dan Gong

Chung-Wan, CO -12 Midpoint on a line connecting the xyphoid process with the umbilicus

Mainpura, Solar Plexus Intellectual, Coeliac, Solar

Plexus, Epigastrecus



17. Wei -Chung

Wei-Chung, BL-40 In the exact center of the

Soul, energy store center popliteal fossa.

18. Yung Ch'uan

Yung Ch'uan, K-1 One third the distance from the cen ter of the plate to the front of it and in the depression, which is present when the foot is elevated.

Held to strengthen the kidneys, direct the energy to run down, place for absorbing the Yin (earth energy) collect the energy radiated out from the body.

19. Ta-Tun

Ta-Tun, Li-1 On the lateral side of the distal phalanx of the great toe posterior to the corner of the vallum unguis. This is the Liver Meridian, regulates the liver.


Yin-Pai, SP-1 On the medial side of the great toe. 0.1 Cun posterior to the corner of nail. This is the spleen meridian on this will help to regulate the spleen

21. Heding

Heding (Extra 31) On the midpoint of the upper border of the patella (knee cap).

Energy stop center

22. Gau Wai Gong Outer Kidney

i Testes: in externa scrotum.

l Storage of Yin energy.

23. Tai-Yang j

Tai-Yang, CL-2 Midpoint on a line Dining the tempora canthus with the lateral eyebrow margin.

24. Lao-Kung

Lao-Kung, EH-8 At a point between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones where the 1 tip of the middle finger touches when fist is cleanched.

Belongs to the Pericardium Meridian.

Mingmen Spinal Gates

Fig. A.1 Point and Energy Centers

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