Begin the Orbit Open the Front Channel the Functional

The functional channel (meridian) runs down the front of the body and is yin, female, or cold in quality; the governor channel at the back is yang, male, or hot. When joined, these two form the Micro-cosmic Orbit which links with all the vital organs of the body. By completing this route, the yin and yang mix in harmony, enabling you to increase your energy flow, and send energy, hormones, and vitality throughout your body. In this way energy can be collected, transformed and absorbed where necessary.

To establish the flow along the meridians some Taoists concentrated on easy-to-get energy points which were in accord with acupuncture points. By focusing on these specific power centers the Taoists realized that not only was chi released so that a warm current was felt, but that the energy points were activated, effecting a whole set of mental and physical functions. Focusing on the navel, for instance, effects the entire gastro-intestinal system, and the increased chi aids in digestion and balances the appetite.

The Microcosmic Orbit begins and ends at the navel, and the functional channel extends from the palate to the perineum. To open the front channel, we work from the navel to the perineum, and later, after opening the back channel, we open the remainder of the functional channel.

Awaken the Individual Healing Points

To awaken the energy in the individual points use your inner vision. Direct your vision inwardly to the point you wish to activate, and concentrate your mind on that point in your body. Do not create a visual image of the energy point in your mind. Rather bring your mind down from your head and put it in your body, e.g. your navel. The energy, or chi flow that eventually results will be experienced differently by people depending on physical, emotional, and psychological conditions. Genetic make-up, past history, diet, imme diate physical and mental stresses all contribute to the varying results. Some might feel the power of the warm current in a few minutes or a few weeks, while others may take months to feel it. Some experience the energy as hot or cold, some report tingling sensations and some see colors.

Pain How Feel

Many people experience soreness or pain when they practice, a sign that they are becoming sensitive to their formerly numbed body parts in the same way that we feel pain when our leg starts to come back to life after falling asleep. However you experience the energy is fine. Do not ignore the messages and sensations your body sends; if anything, listen more attentively and experience your body more fully. These messages are valuable signals that you are coming in tune with your etheric energy body that connects your physical body to your mind.

Choosing your First Point: The Navel

The first energy center is normally the navel, but it varies if you have problems such as high or low blood pressure, if you are old, or if you have chest problems.

The navel serves as the generator of electricity which supplies all the other points. The Taoists considered the navel the earth or root of the body. It is the origin of energy: from the fertilized ovum the fetus is developed, linked to life by its umbilical cord. After birth the surrounding energy continues to enter through the same area.

The navel also is the place where breath originates. As blood and chi are drawn to this point a deep rhythmic breathing is established, and the entire mid-section of the body becomes a huge pump, vigorously circulating the chi and blood throughout the organism. This circulation distributes the life substances and relieves the heart of its heavy burden.

Moreover, blood follows chi, and when vital power is distributed evenly throughout the body no energy accumulates at one point, thereby overheating or damaging the nearby vital organs. However, if one is injured or ill, energy can be directed to a particular site, concentrating all one's healing resource to the point where it is most needed. When the warm current has removed the impurities, the blood follows to finish the job of restoration.

Use a Finger to help Concentrate

When you concentrate on the navel focus one and a half inches below the skin. In the beginning, apply pressure on the point with your index finger for one to five minutes, then return your hands to your lap with the right palm over the left. Concentrate on the sensation created by your finger, pressing again when the point becomes indistinct.

Once more, do not concentrate on breathing. Merely relax your eyes, tongue, and throat, and the mind will become still Once the mind is calm the power will accumulate.

At first it is not easy to draw power to the energy center because your vital regenerative faculties have been abused for years. Your health cannot be restored overnight. The more you practice the stronger you will get, and you will be more able to endure heat produced by the higher voltage of chi.

If you have been concentrating on the navel for a long time but do not feel any energy, change your focus to the Ming-Men, the point opposite the navel on the spine. This helps the energy to rise up to the head and descend down the front of the body to the feet. However, if you do not feel anything in the navel but have definite signs of improved health, you are on the right track. Remember, the experience of chi is different for everybody. Some people experience warmth or bubbling sensations, others feel as though their navel area is expanding, and some people can increase their chi circulation without creating vivid sensations. No matter what your experience is, try to be as sensitive and aware of your body as possible. Adventure into your body, it is a vast land laden with riches.

Heart and Chest Problems

When some people concentrate on the navel too long, the energy moves up to the chest and effects the heart and lungs. If this happens the practitioner should either see a teacher, or choose a point lower down on the body so the energy in this problem area can drain out.

If, when concentrating on the navel, your pulse rate goes up uncomfortably, concentrate instead on the Ming-Men, the point opposite your navel in your lower back. If this doesn't help, and you are sweating profusely, shift your attention to the point between your eyebrows. If this causes too much pressure in your heart, bring your attention back to the Ming-Men.

Nervous Tension, Old Age, Physical Weakness

If you have nervous tension concentrate on the navel, alternating with the Ming-Men (opposite the navel on the back). If you are older or physically weak, concentrate on the Yin-Tang (point between the eyebrows).

For high blood pressure first focus on the navel, then bring your attention to the feet. In the beginning you can tape two prickly nuts over the Yung-Chuan points (Bubbling Spring) on the balls of your feet. The sensation of the nuts pressing into your feet will help to keep your attention in your feet. By focusing on your feet you put your mind into your feet, which directs the energy and blood there, consequently lowering your overall blood pressure. Do not focus on the Yin-Tang (mideyebrow) or Pai-Hui (crown of head) because it will cause a great deal of blood and chi to go to the head further raising the blood pressure.

Fig. 4.2 To lower high blood pressure, concentrate on Yung-Chuan in the center of the sole of the foot.

High Blood Pressure

Sole The Foot And Pressure Points

Yung-Chuan (K1)

Fig. 4.2 To lower high blood pressure, concentrate on Yung-Chuan in the center of the sole of the foot.

Yung-Chuan (K1)

One 55 year old student had blood pressure that stayed at 150/ 100, even though he took pills morning and evening. After completing the routes and concentrating for about 5 months his blood pressure came down to 135/90 (he continued to take pills). After that he was unable to sleep for ten days. After discussing the situation with his doctor, the doctor reduced the dosage of medicine to half because the student's blood pressure seemed controlled. After cutting the dosage he was able to sleep again and his blood pressure stayed at 135/85.

If you have high blood pressure, find a physician who would be interested in using concentration to help control your blood pressure. He should check your blood pressure regularly to see if the chi circulation is effective for you.

Concentrating in the mideyebrow region will enable power and blood to flow into the head, aiding low blood pressure. But like those with high blood pressure, those with low blood pressure should have it checked regularly. Once the blood pressure has returned to normal you should concentrate at the navel for fifteen minutes then shift the power up to the head for fifteen minutes.

Low Blood Pressure


A. For low blood pressure, begin by concentrating between the eyebrows.

Pai-Hui GO 20


Pai-Hui GO 20

A. For low blood pressure, begin by concentrating between the eyebrows.

B. For abnormally low blood pressure, begin by concentrating at the crown of the head.

Fig. 4.3 Low Blood Pressure Points

While the navel is a good starting point for most people who are healthy, those who have high blood pressure or stomach and intestinal problems, it is not good for those with low blood pressure because it causes the blood to drop.

Gastro-intestinal Problems

Anyone with gastro-intestinal problems will have more difficulty in opening the meridian because the digestive organs are linked to it. Each of these organs must be cleansed and strengthened before the route may be completed. Your digestion and elimination will greatly improve during your work on the Functional Channel.

Remember that once you complete the Microcosmic Orbit and are able to collect more power you will be able to cure yourself. You will be able to bring your life force to the afflicted area.

Gastro Navel

Navel Point

Fig. 4.4 First Energy Center: Meditating on the navel point strengthens the Gastro-Intestinal organs.

Ovarian Palace Meridian

It is important not to think of your self as sick or weak. You can be free of an ailment no matter how long you may have had it. Very often the difference depends on your attitude. The psychosomatic origin of illness is widely known. If you have confidence in this method, your psychosomatic ailments will be banished. In effect, you will be overcoming your hidden desire for illness that first made you ill. The increased circulation of chi between your mind and your body will cause these hidden negative desires to surface and dissipate.

When the Ching-Chi Sperm energy first awakens, you may have difficulty telling whether it is real or imagined. But soon you will be absolutely convinced of the indisputable reality of the energy flow. It will start in the abdomen or the hands or legs or the big toes. Those who run or practice Tai Chi or Kung Fu often feel it first in the legs. Those who use their hands much will often feel it there first. A warm feeling of waves or bubbles is described as arising in the abdomen. Though everyone is altogether unique in this regard, the sensations are not to be imagined, however, because they are not like anything one has already experienced.

Second Energy Center: For Women, Kuan-Yuan (Ovarian Palace)

The second energy center is in the Kuan-Yuan, the mid-point of the ovaries. To locate the point place your hands flat on your stomach with your thumbs at your navel. Directly below your pinky, in a straight line from the navel is the mid-point, 1/ 2 inches in from the skin. In later practice this point becomes a great source of energy.

Second Energy Center: For Men, Jing Gong (Sperm Palace)

The second energy center is located in the Sperm Palace, the area of the prostrate gland and seminal vesicles in the lower abdomen just above the penis.

Before concentrating you can use your index fingers to apply pressure to the area for one minute, returning your hands to your lap and concentrating on the sensations. Apply pressure again as the feelings fade.

For Unmarried and Young Men

The sperm palace is important for a man because it can cause him to be sexually aroused. If this happens, bring the power back from the Sperm Palace to the Ming-Men (point opposite the navel on lower back). This sexual energy can be used to greatly increase the circulating power of your chi, but first you must learn to circulate the Microcosmic Orbit without sexual distractions.

For Middle-Aged and Old Men

Those who feel less sexual stimulation and older people, 40 to 60 years old, can concentrate on the sperm palace until they feel power. If, however, they begin to have night emissions, they should also switch to the Ming-Men.

Those who do not have this problem can concentrate at the Sperm Palace until they experience warmth and a feeling of light ness in the area. If they have any kind of sensation other than what they normally experience in their meditation, they can shift their attention down to the Hui-Yin (perineum), midway between the anus and penis or vagina.

Third Energy Center: Hui-Yin or Perineum

The Hui-Yin or Gate of Life and Death is found in the lower part of the trunk amidst the endings of many blood vessels and nerve endings. It is located at the mid-point between the anus and the penis or the vagina. Because it is lower, it tends to lose power. You can help stimulate this point by rubbing it until you feel it is warm. This area is very tender and you must remember not to rub too hard.

When you concentrate on the Hui-Yin, the time needed to collect and awaken the power is different in each person due to differences in genetic make-up. Some might take long, some might not. But, on the average, it should take two to four weeks if you practice twice a day for 15 to 30 minutes at a time.

If you still don't feel anything by then, you can extend the time for up to four weeks. You should not persist any longer than that. Move on to the next point, otherwise you might get congestion in your chest and/or heart pain. If this happens, it means that you have developed and collected too much power in that area. Instead of the power having travelled down to the base of the spine it has gone up to the chest. Shifting your concentration to the Ming-men solves the problem and you will be symptom-free in a few days.

Fig. 4.6 Third Energy Center: For both men and women the Hui-Yin (perineum) is located midway between the anus and genitals.

Meridian Points Hui Yin

Fig. 4.6 Third Energy Center: For both men and women the Hui-Yin (perineum) is located midway between the anus and genitals.


Concentrating on this point sometimes leads to vibrating sensations or the feeling that something is jumping inside or a strong sexual arousal. Abdominal breathing can cause an erection to recede and allows for the concentration to continue without interruption. If you concentrate on this point too long however, it can open the thrusting routes (or Kundalini), which leads to various side effects. If the energy succeeds in passing very quickly up through the throat chakra and continues up to the top of the head to the crown, where it spreads out sprinkler-like, showering down over the practitioner, there will be very few, if any side effects. In fact if you have managed to open all the channels, your whole system will be nourished in the process.

Time is essential in all meditation. You cannot expect any results without putting in a great deal of effort. Remember that the navel is the generator and every time you commence practicing you have to start from this point. When you feel power has developed there (warmth, tightness, expansion, etc.), bring it down to the second point, then down to the third.

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