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Easiest of all, however, and most recommended for beginners who are often unable to send the energy through the palate, is to return the energy to the navel along the same route it came from. Simply reverse the flow of the chi and take it back down the spine and continue all the way to the feet. Then bring it up your front to the navel, throat, and palate.

Practice the following sequence to drain excess energy collected in the head and circulate it to the Door of Life and the soles of the feet.

1. From the area between the eyebrows direct the warm current down to the nose for about 10 minutes and then bring the energy down even lower. With practice, you will develop the ability to direct this force so that it will flow as you will it to.

2. Bring the power back up to the Pai-Hui (crown of head). Stop for a while, allowing the power to flow backward from the mideye region to the Yu-Chen (back of neck).

3. Pause there for a while and then proceed down to the Ja-Jie, which is at mid-shoulder level and from there down to the Chi-Chung (Tl1) and then the Ming-men (L2 and L3) in the back and opposite to the navel. Stop and concentrate here longer until you feel tense in your forehead.

4. Then shift your attention down to the coccyx and then to the Hui-Yin in the perineum (mid-point between the anus and the penis).

Fig. 6.1 Small Heavenly Cycle (Microcosmic Orbit)

5. This route then divides into two, one through each leg, descending down, along the inside of the thighs down to the inside of the ankle (the inside regarded as the Yin Power) and ending in the soles of the feet at the Yung Chuan (K1). You should then concentrate here (at the Yung Chuan) until you feel it become warm. When you first begin this practice you might try taping a prickly nut to the bottoms of your feet, so that when you step on it as you walk the energy center there will be activated. In time, energy will emanate as a warm, tingly feeling and spread out through your feet and legs.

6. Raise the energy up the front up to the big toes, stop for a while, then go to the knee and then up the leg to the perineum.

7. Proceed to the navel point. Pause and gather additional chi.

8. Raise the chi up to the heart, the throat and into the tongue that is pressed against the palate. Eventually the chi will connect with the point above, Yin-Tang, the brow, thereby completing the Microcosmic Orbit.

Students who initially have great success in circulating chi power with no ill side effects may choose to proceed directly in joining the front and back channels. This involves lowering the energy from the Yin-Tang, or brow point, to the next energy point, the palate.

Other beginning practitioners should wait until they can easily return the energy by the reverse route down the spine/leg and up to the navel/palate before trying to connect the brow point and palate directly from above.

Even though the palate is constructed of soft bone it takes is considerable period of sustained effort for most practitioners to penetrate it and complete the route. The force which is generated in this practice often causes side effects such as headaches, illusions, erratic mood swings, insomnia, irritability and vague aches and pains. If such effects persist, immediately reverse your chi flow back down the spine to the feet. Also, read the chapter on "How to Prevent Side Effects."

Meditation With Tongue Touching Palate
Fig. 6.2 Use the tongue to link the flow of energy between the front and back channels, through the palate.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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