Open the Arm and Leg Routes the Large Heavenly Cycle

Once you have completed the microcosmic orbit, and feel competent circulating the energy, you are ready to direct the power to the arms and legs in addition to the main body trunk.

1. Begin with the basic orbit, concentrating on the navel until you feel warmth or energy, directing the chi down to the Hui-yin (perineum), up the spine to the Pai-hui (crown of head), and through the tongue and palate back to the navel. Stop at the navel to collect more energy, then direct the power once more to the Hui-yin (perineum).

2. From the Hui-yin divide the energy into two routes, directing the chi down the outer back portion of the left and right thigh to the l4th energy center, the back of the knee (Wei-Chung).

3. Next, move the energy down the outer calf to the l5th energy center, the Yin-chuan at the soles of the feet.

This is the first point of the kidney channel, and concentrating at this center will strengthen the kidney, lower blood pressure, and help relieve fatigue as more energy is brought to the feet.

Yung-chaun is often referred to as the "Bubbling Spring", or the point where the yin energy bubbles up from the earth and enters the soles of the feet. Many people who concentrate on the navel feel warmth in the feet instead, because the Yung-chuan is the origin of the energy that collects in the navel.

Concentrate at the soles until you feel energy there, then direct the chi to the 16th energy center which is located in the big toes. Both the liver and spleen (Ta-Tun and Yin Pai) meridians flow through the big toes and concentrating here will strengthen those organs. If you feel numbness or a pain like an ant bite, move the energy to the l7th energy center, the front of the knees (Heding).

4. To reach the 17th energy center, the chi travels up along the shin bone to the front of the knees. The stomach and spleen chan nels pass through this region, and opening this center will strengthen these organs as well as the knee, and prepare the passage for energy to go through at a later time. Be sure to draw the energy up from the earth through the soles of the feet to the knees.

5. When you sense warmth or tingling, shift your attention back to the Hui-yin (perineum), by directing the energy along the insides of the thighs.

6. Now send the energy to the Chang-chiang (coccyx), the Ming-men (opposite the navel), the Chi-chung (opposite the solar plexus), up to the mid-point of the scapulae.

7. Here the energy divides into the left and right arms and descends to the inside of the upper arms, down to the forearms, and passes along the middle of the palm, the Lao-kun. Concentrate here for a while and then feel the energy run along to the middle finger. Then go up the outside of the forearm along the outside of the middle of the upper arms, reaching the shoulder region. Here the energy rejoins on the spine between the shoulder blades.

8. Continuing on to the neck and up into the crown, allow the chi to descend to the tongue, where its way back to the, navel again, thereby completing the Microcosmic Orbit.

The Large Heavenly Orbit is part of the Fusion of the Five Elements. The second level of the Taoist Esoteric Yoga, Fusion of the Five elements, opens the other 6 psychic channels plus the Microcosmic (2 channels) which equals 8 channels.

Fig. 7.1 When the Leg Route is completed, Chi descends down to the soles of the feet and up to the Hui-Yin.

Arm And Leg Tai Yin Meridian

Fig. 7.1 When the Leg Route is completed, Chi descends down to the soles of the feet and up to the Hui-Yin.

Dan Tien Breathing

Chi travels up to the mid-point Down to the middle of the of scapulae and divides into palm.

the arms.

Fig. 7.2 Large Heavenly Cycle - the Arm Routes

Embryonic Breathing

Up outside of the forearms, reaching the shoulder.

Desends to the tongue and to the navel.

Fig. 7.3 Large Heavenly Cycle- the Arm Routes

Qigong Face Washing

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