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A normal, healthy student should practice a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening. Someone who is sickly or weak should practice an hour in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. Those who do not have back trouble, high blood pressure or gastric ulcers should do the "stretching the tendons" exercise. This is done in nine sets of nine repetititions or three sets in the morning, afternoon and evening, making a total count of 81 for the day.

Do not worry if you miss a session. Just stay relaxed and if you can find a few odd minutes at home or in the office, try to meditate in those spare moments.

When first beginning it takes a little bit of time and discipline to achieve rapid progress. Remember that later on it will occur with no effort.

The exact amount of training and practice required to develop the Microcosmic Circulation varies from individual to individual. For best results one should practice at least twice a day at home, for ten to thirty minutes at a time, even if one has attained a higher level of accomplishment. Students with previous discipline in yoga or other meditation techniques are frequently able to open the mi-crocosmic orbit immediately by redirecting their power of concentration away from the "third eye" (brow point) and into the warm current flow.

It is possible that some individuals might not succeed at all and never be able to grasp the essentials. Many report completion of the circulation within the first one hundred days of diligent practice. Most students report success within three months to a year. Improvement of illness may occur quite early in the practice. Many who worked hard on it, were reported to have achieved relief of their medical problems despite the seeming absence of dramatic feeling of the "warm current" flow.

The Esoteric Taoist system of meditation ultimately leads to mastery of the "Third Eye" center, the crown of the head and those centers beyond. But it stresses the necessity of mastering all the lower energy centers first to insure a solid foundation for spiritual growth and self-healing.

There are spiritual "geniuses" on earth who can quickly transcend and stabilize themselves in higher energy centers. But most people cannot safely absorb this higher energy without first purifying the body and its lower energy centers. This may be a long and arduous process for some. The microcosmic orbit circulation is a safe and systematic approach to quickly achieve this transformation within the body. But only practice makes perfect, the greater your self-discipline the faster you will be rewarded with a marked increase in energy available to you.

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