Dah Uh Gong Nei Kung Five Finger Kung Fu

The Dah Uh Gong Nei Kung stytem integrates both static and dynamic exercise forms in order to cultivate and nourish Chi which accumulates in the organs, penetrates the fascia, tendons and muscles, finally reaches the hands and fingers. Practitioners of body-centered therapies and various Healing Arts such as chiropractic medicine, polarity therapy, shiatsu and Swedish massage will benefit from this technique. Practiced sequentially, it functions to expand and relax the breath, calm the mind and adjust posture. The approach is simpler to learn than Tai Chi Chuan and easier to execute than yoga. Through the practice of Dah Uh Gong the student will learn:

• To expand your breathing capacity

• To strengthen your internal organs

• To tone and stretch your muscles

• To strengthen your lower back and abdominal muscles

• To normalize your weight

• To develop your ability to concentrate for self-healing

Prerequisite: Course No. 1— Opening the Microcosmic Orbit (Curse No.5)

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