Do you have to Sit in a Chair

We recommend sitting in a chair. This is the most comfortable position for most and is especially good for those people who have back and leg problems. It also allows chi to flow freely through the legs. Many people believe that if you assume the lotus position you will feel more rooted and will gradually limber, or already have very open energy routes in your legs, sitting in the lotus or quarter lotus can only interfere with energy flow and hamper your progress.

If we compare the head to root of a tree, through which we can absorb power from the heavens then we can compare the legs to the branches and leaves and so they are also very important in practice. When you attain a higher level of practice, you will find that the soles of your feet absorb Yin power from the Earth. Sitting in a chair facilitates directing the power down to the feet. When Chi is circulated in just the upper part of the body and not directed down to the feet, it is like having the leaves whither and fall off the tree. No matter how well you practice in the upper body, if the power has not flowed down to the legs, there is a very significant lack of energy and you simply cannot function properly. When Chi circulates in your legs you will feel lighter, will walk more erectly and will be able to walk longer distances without fatigue.

Using a chair is important for another reason, too. A man must let his testes hang freely so as to be able to properly absorb energy. As your practice progresses, you have to open six special routes and the flow has to run down to your feet. Sitting cross-legged makes it very difficult to direct the power, although some people claim that when you have been successful in collecting energy you can direct the power in any position.

I have known many monks who had leg problems, which might or might not have been caused by sitting cross-legged for too long. If you can direct power to your legs, there will be fewer problems, but since cross-legged sitting calls for more effort, it is not a wise practice nor an efficient one. Since at one stage of your development, you absorb energy from the earth through the soles of your feet, which necessitates having your feet flat on the ground, the position of choice, then, is sitting in a chair.

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