During Practice What should Men do when they get an Erection and What should Women do when the Vagina swells

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When this happens in men, the testes may feel as though they were vibrating, there might be a slight discharge of semen along with a sensation of pressure in the prostate gland, and the Hui-Yin may also seem to vibrate, whereas women may feel their vagina and nipples distending.

When you are able to practice and collect power, it will naturally flow down to your reproductive organs and stimulate sexual anxiety. To overcome this, shift your concentration back to the Ming-men and then bring it up to your head to the mid-point between your eyebrows. In the book, Healing Love on Seminal Kung Fu, we demonstrated very clearly (in the large drawing of the sexual force rising up to the crown) how one can make an erection subside. I have many male students who, after practicing, experience erection and have to find relief in sexual intercourse. Some of those students stopped practicing because their sexual urge was too overpowering. However, if you can control or stop your sexual activity for a while, or get your spouse to understand or practice together with you, you will achieve success in this practice much more quickly.

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  • iida somervuori
    What swells when you have an erection?
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    How do guys feel whenever they have an erection?
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