Eighth Energy Center Pai HuiCrown of The Head

The Pai-hui (Niwan) is called the crown or the pineal body and is located above the mid-brain. Its functions are related to sensitivity and to the sexual cycle. It governs the hindbrain, hearing, body rhythm, equilibrium, perception of light through the eyes and skin, and is the superior counter-support of the brain and spinal cord. In Chinese it is called the Hundred Point Joint or the compass of men, because it is at the top of the crown of the head. When you concentrate here you may feel pressure or a sense of expansion in the middle of the head. This is an indication of power flow. When this happens, concentrate on the next point and remember not to spend more than a month practicing on any one energy center.

When the power passes through the mid-brain and the region of the pineal gland, you may feel some tightness or a kind of pressure pushing forward and backward in this area. You may also suddenly feel very sleepy. When the power freely passes through this point you will be afflicted less by illusion, you will be able to concentrate better, and your head will feel much lighter. However, as blood flow to the head increases, your eyes may redden. When the power builds up more some people may see light, a rainbow of colors, the sun, the moon, or a star twinkling before their eyes. Others may feel that they can foresee the future (but that is an illusion because occult vision is still far off at this stage). No matter what comes up, simply find ways to calm your mind.

Completing the Microcosmic Orbit does not mean that some special sense will be opened to you, though the energy or chi vibrating in the brain and coursing back and forth through the nervous system can lead to various aberrations of the senses. You may see and hear many unusual things, but all of them will simply be illusions, so try to ignore them.

Some practitioners describe being surrounded by light. Traditional Chinese masters would explain such an experience as being due to some physical ailment which gradually reflects outwardly. Those who have weak kidneys or a low sex drive will reflect a black light. Those with liver illness find that the light that is reflected is green. People with heart disease report seeing red light. Lung disease is expressed as a white light. Spleen and stomach illness is indicated in yellow and for those with gall bladder disease, the light which is reflected will be black. If the redness of the eyes does not go away after practicing for two or three hours, you should consult a doctor.

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