Fifth Energy Center Ming Men Opposite Navel Point On Spine

This point is the Ming Men, the Door of Life. It is the midpoint of the kidney, between L2 and L3 on the vertebrae. It is at this point that kidney power is concentrated. The left kidney is Yin and the right is Yang and at the center point is a balance between the two. The Ming Men (the main power point of the body) then, is the harmony point, containing Yin power. When you concentrate here, the power rises up the back or descends to the feet. This helps to prevent some of the side effects that occur when the power may suddenly surge up to the head. Those are standing, sitting, or walking, can use the Ming-men as their point of concentration.

Those of you who have back pain may find that the pains intensify when you concentrate on the Ming Men. Do not let that stop you. Before concentrating rub your hands together to produce warmth and place them on the painful area. When you first start Ming Men practice it might help to use scotch tape to fasten something prickly over the point or press the point for about a minute before concentrating on it. In time you will need only a few minutes to concentrate and collect energy. Many people feel the power more readily at the Ming Men than at the navel.

Important Note: Try to remember when you concentrate, to let the power (warm current) flow. Do not try to direct the power. In the beginning, when you feel warmth in the navel, move your point of concentration down. The power follows this shift of attention, it is not that you have brought the power down. The power in your body knows where to go.

Ming-Men GO-A

Ming-Men GO-A

Ming Men Localisation
Fig. 5.3 Energy flows upward through the major points of the Back Channel.

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