How do you Remedy Blockage in the Chest

In order to avoid the unpleasant side-effects that occur when the power is blocked in the chest, redirect it down to Ming-men and concentrate there, instead. If that doesn't seem to help, shift your attention to another power center, perhaps the Hsuan-Chi, and concentrate there for a while until you feel the power move

I have had a number of students who, for one reason or another, did not respond well in their practice and so I advised that they concentrate on their navel. After a period of weeks or months, I'd received various distress calls from them as the power developed sufficiently to make itself known. One young lady kept saying that nothing was happening, until, after about three months, she called in great distress to report that she was having pain in her chest and difficulty in breathing. I knew immediately what had happened. She had continued to concentrate on her navel, even though I had advised her to switch to her Ming-men in her lower back. The pain and symptoms she now had were simply due to the energy having risen up the front meridian into her chest. Had she been concentrating on her Ming-men, the channel that would have been available there would have been in her back and she wouldn't have had the trouble she described.

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  • Pasqualina
    What to do for a blockage in your chest?
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    What does the ming men do in qigong?
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