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1. Sit easily and erectly on a chair with your right hand clasped over your left. Your chest should not be held up but be allowed to collapse slightly, while the head is tilted a bit forward. Count your breath, now, either from 1 to 10 or 10 to 1, doing this 10 times. This is done for its calming effect. When you have practiced in this way for some time you can dispense with counting. More advanced practitioners are immediately calmed upon assuming their seats.

2. Next on the agenda is abdominal breathing. This is done to stimulate the internal organs. In this method, exhale your breath by contracting the abdomen, compressing and massaging the organs therein and acting as an adjunct to the function of the diaphragm as it rises to compress the chest cavity. When you inhale, the diaphragm descends and again there is a compression and massage of the abdominal organs. This helps bring the Chi (or life force energy) into the abdomen where it can be collected and utilized more effectively.

3. Breathe in this way for 36 cycles. After you feel calmed and concentrated and the energy is experienced in the abdomen you can practice progressive relaxation. This is accomplished by the method of "smiling" in the eyes and extending the feeling to the rest of the body, as has already been described. When you have completed this, down to "smiling" in your toes and fingers, use the index finger of your right hand to point at your navel. This is to be your point of concentration, unless you have high blood pressure.

In the latter case you are advised to concentrate, instead, on the soles of your feet. If you have heart burn or an extended chest, you should concentrate on the Ming-men, the point in back, opposite your navel. If you have low blood pressure, bring your index finger to the area between your eyebrows and bear down on it, maintaining the pressure for a few moments, so that when you've taken your finger away, the residual sensation helps in keeping your mind on the selected point.

4. If you practice using the navel area in the prescribed manner to develop Chi, it usually takes two weeks to a month before you feel anything. Once you do feel the energy there, you should shift your attention down to the sperm palace, which is near the pubic bone and represents the prostate gland. Young people who do this may be too sexually aroused, in which case they should instead focus on the coccyx or Ming-men. Women are to concentrate 3 inches down from the navel, which is where the ovaries are to be found. However, those who have menstrual problems are referred to the Ming-men or coccyx, instead of the navel. After that you can switch to concentrating on the Hui-yin (or perineum).

5. Some people may feel power very rapidly rise up the back when they place attention on the perineum and so they ought to concentrate, instead, on the coccyx. Before actually concentrating on either of these places, however, it helps to sit and rock back and forth on them. The coccyx has an opening called the hiatus. Rocking on that and focusing your attention on it can sometimes lead a very rapid channeling of chi or your back. When it does happen concentrate on the navel.

6. After you have practiced for two months or so you can concentrate directly on the navel. That is, you don't have to count your breath or do the deep abdominal breathing — though you can do it, if you like. From the navel, the Chi should go to the ovary or sperm palace, the Hui-Yin, coccyx and up to the Ming: men on the back. Remain here until the power pushes up to the adrenal gland. Always remember to follow the energy flow and not force It.

7. The power ascends, thereafter, to the level of the shoulder blades and then the neck. Do not concentrate on the adrenals too long as this can cause insomnia. If you find this happening, concentrate on the coccyx. This will again send power up the back and into the small brain. When this is concentrated on you may feel your back get warm and you may find yourself unintentionally doing yoga-style breathing.

8. In time you may feel something in the top of your head in the pineal gland area. The energy, when encountered here, feels warm or numb and as though something were pressing from inside. From there, the Chi flows down to the mideyebrow region, making it feel very tight. Once you've reached this point, the Chi has completed the "Governor Route". Thereafter, the power must be directed downward, no matter what your level of development.

9. When you've reached the head, reverse it and direct it to the Ming-men, directing it from there to the inner sides of the thighs and ending in the soles. Concentrate there for a while and then bring your attention to your toes, knees, Hui-yin and then navel again. Stay there for a while and then go up one center to the solar plexus and concentrate there. Since you've opened the functional route, as soon as you concentrate on the solar plexus, you should feel energy there and in the area between the eyebrows as: well. The energy that is developed at this time flows in both the Governor and Functional routes. Doing it this way is much safer and spares you side effects.

10. When you've developed more power, it will push up from the solar plexus into the heart chakra. This should be your next point of concentration, then, but if you spend too much time here you will develop heart burn and find difficulty in breathing.

11. If you've concentrated for one or two weeks and the power has not yet risen to the throat energy center, you can either direct your attention to that center during your practice sessions or concentrate on your solar plexus and allow the energy to push its own way up to the throat center. When the power does get to the tip of your nose. This is a crucial point. Think the energy up to the tongue from the throat area and bring the energy in the brow area or nose down to the palate. When the energy descends along the nose, this causes some practitioners to sniffle (so that you can have some guide as to what might be happening).

Your tongue may seem to grow warm. When the proper place on the palate has been touched, you will feel as though you had a small electric shock in your tongue. When this happens, it marks the completion of the Microcosmic Orbit by the fusion of the Functional and Governor routes, known as the Small Heavenly Cycle.

This can later include your arms and legs, at which time you are said to have completed the full Microcosmic Orbit within the Large Heavenly Cycle.

12. Everyone, regardless of age, must conclude their practice by directing the energy downward. Collect it in the navel and circulate it from 3 to 36 times in either direction. This is absolutely essential as a precaution against energy getting "stuck" in some other parts of the body.

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