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For more than 5,000 years of Chinese history, "the no outlet method" of retaining the seminal fluid during the act of love has remained a deep secret. At first it was practiced exclusively by the Emperor and his innermost circle. Then it passed from father to chosen son alone, excluding wives, daughters and other family members. The method permits a man to retain bodily secretions which are an invaluable source of energy when stored and recirculated to the vital centers.

Sages of all time and places have found that conservation of the precious energies of the seminal fluid and ovarian energy deeply affects a human's life. Whoever holds his vital seed finds that he spontaneously seeks to preserve living things from waste, decay and harm. On the other hand, those who excessively spend the fluid and its vital force crave outer stimulation at any price, for they desperately need to replace their own lost energies.

One prevents loss of this biochemical energy by not ejaculating. Stopping ejaculation is not to be confused with stopping orgasm. The No Outlet Method provides an altogether unique and superior type of orgasm.

Every vital function is invigorated because one no longer discharges life energy through the genitals. Real sexual fulfillment lies not in feeling the life go out of you but in increasing awareness of the vital current that flows through the loins. The body is further replenished by a method of "Steaming" the vital energy up from the sexual centers to the brain and higher organs. The life enhancing process is completed by exchanging with one's partner energy released during moments of excitation.

The sages have considered one drop of semen equal in vital power to one hundred drops of blood. The Indians refer repeatedly to "Amrito", the elixir of life, a rejuvenating substance from sexual energy. The production of this elixir, which Westerners would call a higher hormonal secretion, allows the body to enter higher and higher states of energy.

Most people in our consumer society spend more than they earn. They borrow themselves deep into debt. Through poor habits they also spend more vital power than they earn.

Let us say that people earn 100 units of life force through breathing, eating and resting but spend 125 units of life force through gluttony, overwork, anxiety, constitutional weakness, and frequent loss of the vital fluid. They must continuously borrow vitality from the brain and other vital organs. This theft of vital energy from one's own reserves induces mental and physical sickness and premature aging. We teach you how to overcome worldly sex desire and a way to earn 125 units and to spend 100 or less. The imbalance of one's personal energy economy is first corrected by reducing the disastrously wasteful expenditure called ejaculation, while ex periencing a nourishing balanced energy exchange with one's partner.

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