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Chi, otherwise called the Warm Current, Kundalini Power or electromagnetic life force, is very difficult to describe because this energy, or life force, cannot be seen. However, we can feel the life force in the body. In the early days of Tao, chi was expressed as nothing in the top portion of the Chinese pictogram and as fire in the lower part, so that no fire might be conceived of as defining Chi. More contemporary Taoist sources classify many kinds of Chi. There is pre-nature Chi, the kind you breathe, as well as the Chi that is transmuted in our bodies and the kind that has been awakened from sperm or ovary called Ching-chi.

Ching-Chi, the main energy source of our practice, is ultimately transformed into spiritual energy. We all have Chi from the time we are conceived. The Taoist teaches us that life force or Chi begins as the energy you derive from the food you eat and the air you breathe. In Taoist practice, you draw on many different sources of energy, which reside in different energy centers in the body, such as the heart, adrenals, prostate, pineal and the pituitary. There is yet another kind of energy that we absorb from the solar system, mix and transform in our body, which produces still another kind of Chi in a process called Alchemy.

Taoism stresses practice and theory; philosophy and discussion are discouraged as futile. By a simple method of relaxation and concentratiing on your navel, you can experience for yourself what the flow of Chi is.

Several of my students had spent as many as five to twenty years trying to develop Chi and complete the Microcosmic Orbit, but to no avail. After a short time with me they completed their objectives in one to four months. They all found this method easy and natural. Spending just thirty to sixty minutes a day, many who developed power quickly thought that they were dreaming or that it was an act of imagination. Yet, when they practiced they felt warm and soon reported how much healthier they seemed to be getting.

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