Why do I feel tired after Meditating

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The warm current concentration is an exercise of the mind, which directs the current and burns large quantities of energy in the course of purifying the nervous systems of the organism. During the early stages of practice you will be doing a great deal of repair work on your body. After concentrating you may feel tired or experience some soreness in your back. The Taoist rebirth process explains itself. It is a means whereby the sick and damaged body recreates the life process to that of a baby. To accomplish this, one needs a lot of material and energy. Those who are strong and healthy will find that after practice they feel refreshed. Those who are ill or unhealthy, or who think they are healthy but in fact are not, will feel sleepy or tired in the beginning when such energy is expended in a virtual repair and rebuilding process. One gradually changes into a stronger, more vigorous and yet peaceful person. Remember that this method calls for gradual change and a restructuring of the entire individual. As toxins are flushed out and tissues are replaced, you may find that eating a handful of grapes or other sweet, juicy fruit will help disperse fatigue. The longer you practice the better you will feel. After the period of tissue repair is completed, you will feel strengthened by your practice sessions.

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