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Thats what they say. But simple things can be most difficult. By Darryl Tain

Wing Chun is Easy! 22

Help you breath more easily

By PI Dunhou

Tips for Chaqi 24

What is meditation? How is it viewed in the East & West? By Amy Thanawalla

Qigong Meditation 25

Story about the monk and the government official.

A bit of wit 26

Where East meets West; what's the connection? By Dennis Core

The month of November saw the last of series of three seminars teaching the basics of Hard Qigong. Hard Qigong, sometimes refered to as 'Iron Shirt' or 'Golden Bell', is the Chinese way of conditioning the body. The bones, muscles and skin are developed to an incredible degree to allow the practitioner to perform 'amazing feats'.

The seminars specifically taught a set of eighteen movements known as: 'The Heavenly River Monastery Hard Qigong'. Each of the movements dealt with a certain part of the body and introduced methods of training. Movements to develop the body, open acupuncture points & channels and to develop one's Qi were taught.

Emphasis was placed on the breathing techniques of 'Blowing out Qi', 'Pushing up Qi' and 'Swallowing Qi'. It was stressed that although similar in appearance, each method was very different in practise and result.

Together with the movements came a series of lectures teaching the principals behind the training and some rules to follow when practising.

This was very valuable information as very few knew anything at all about this type of training.

The attendance at all three seminars was very good and it was lucky that the movements did not require much space. Many of those attending were curious to leam about what they had only previously heard. At first some were a little apprehensive as to

Hard Qigong


Qi News expect, but after a little initial surprise they became accustomed to the exercises and really got stuck in and enjoyed themselves. ***By the final seminar many, having practised for two months, were already beginning to feel the effects of the training. Some commented on how their sleeping habits had changed, how strong and invigorated they felt and even how their appetites had changed! This series of seminars covered only the first level of Hard Qigong. Hard Qigong has seven levels; there is a very long way to go! The second level is scheduled to take place next year, but before you can take part you must have practised the first level and pass a test. If you missed the first level then you can still catch up as it will be taught in London. And the test?...

Well, everyone was given a little taste by having their Dantien struck, having someone stand on their stomachs for a couple of minutes and a strength test.

The seminars attracted a wide variety of people, men and women of varying ages and backgrounds. It seems everyone wants to be 'hard!'

Taiji Taichi Grandmaster

Dear Mr Tse,

I study Ju-Jitsu and previously have studied Wado-Ryu Karate, but since an accident with some weights at my local gym, which damaged my lower back, I have had some pain in my lower back whilst training and stretching etc. I have seen doctors but none of them can shed any light on my injury except from telling me to stop training which I do not want to do.

So I would like to ask you if there are any exercises which will give me any comfort? S. McCill Co. L/Derry

I suggest that you limit your training to slow & gentle exercises until you are strong enough to increase the amount of effort you put in. It is important to follow your own feelings in this matter, and stay within your own limits.

As well as your back problem I think that your knees and shoulders arc also quite stiff. In these cases it is quite common for problems to occur also in these areas, since the action of the joints affects the spine, so you must be very careful when training.

I think that you need to balance your training with some meditation. You already do a lot of movement so you need stillness to balance rather than more movements. You should sit on a chair, straighten your back and keep still. Try to relax all your joints and muscles. Concentrate on the Dantien, just below your navel. This will cultivate a lot of Qi to make your body strong. Keeping the back straight will help to heal it as your posture is very important

It may be difficult at first e.g. hard to relax, your back aches, etc. It is quite usual for the negative to show itself first but since it does then you have already started to heal yourself, lust meditate regularly, for as long as you can and you will benefit greatly. MT.

Chikung Meditation Sitting

Meditation sitting on a chair

Dear Michael,

I saw you on the 'Mirriam Stoppard Health Show' and do the Hayfever exercises.

Could you please help me with these problems. My mum loses her voice a lot and has sore throats, do you know any exercises to help this?

Does the weather affect a persons Qi, if so what weather?

Some exercises are for releasing negative energy, is this equally as important as developing positive energy and how do you know you are releasing negative and not positive energy?

I hope you don't mind me asking all these questions, I'm just very interested in Qigong. B.P. Horrell

The exorcises I did on the TV are good for I lay fever and if you have a blocked nose and difficulty with your breathing. For your mother's voice I suggest that she takes something to drink with honey in it and does some meditation. She should sit on a chair, straighten her back, close her eyes and mouth and then place her right hand on the middle of her chest. After a short while she should find that a lot of saliva builds up in her mouth, this she should swallow down to her stomach. This should help to keep her throat strong.

About the weather: In good weather you will feel good, and if the weather is not so good you will feel not so good. But what ever the weather you should keep practising, never stop, then you can over come the weather.

You also asked about releasing positive and negative energy. Basically by practising Qigong you are already releasing negative energy and gathering positive energy. By breathing out you release and by breathing in you are gathering. Fast and 'shaking' movements release whereas slow and intensive movements gather. Qi needs to keep flowing, when it does not and becomes stuck then it becomes negative except when it is stored at the Dantien. So don't worry about releasing positive energy. MT.

Dear Michael,

Why for men and women is there a different hand position during both movement and meditation?

What is the difference between Yin and Yang channels? P. Newton, N. Wales

A man's Qi starts on the left side and goes clockwise whereas a woman's starts on the right and goes anticlockwise. Therefore for meditation a man should have his left hand on top. lhis means the left hand can focus the energy inside. A woman should have her right hand on top so that the right hand focus's the energy inside.

As for the difference between the Yin and Yang channels: The Yin channels flow on the 'inside' of the body i.e. along the parts of the body that don't catch much sun light, e.g. under the arms. These Yin channels are mainly for gathering

The Yang channels flow on the 'outside' of the body where they can catch more of the sun, these are for releasing negative energy.

The body gathers Qi with the Yin channels and releases negative energy with the yang channels, like breathing in and breathing out. MT.

The Yang channels flow on the 'outside' of the body where they can catch more of the sun, these are for releasing negative energy.

During meditation I noticed a subtle difference in energy on each side of the body. While the right side of the body felt charged and strong, the left side felt weaker. At least this was my first impression. But after a while observing the energy flow, I began to realise that it was not a weakness but it was a distinct difference in the quality on each side of the body. While on the right side the body felt strong and still, almost a protective masculine energy, the left was completely different. It was much more subtle, a softer gentler sweeter energy, almost fragrant.

At first when I thought the energy was weaker on the left, I tried (by directing thought) to transfer the energy from the right side of my body over to the left in order to strengthen it. (Whether this would strengthen the physical weakness on the left side of my body I'm not sure yet. I haven't observed it long enough.) But this made no difference in the energy structure. It stayed constant in each side of my body.

It was at this point I became aware of what felt like a split or line down the centre of my body and that the two types of energy flowed on its own side without interference from the other. On coming to this realisation it was almost as if I was given a gift (an extra piece of information). It was definitely given to me. The energy on the left side began to grow from the heart centre. I couldn't say it grew in strength: it was different, it was stronger, but there was something more than strength: it was more overwhelming and controlled than just strength. The sweetness of this energy spread throughout the whole body giving a feeling of great peace, almost an ecstasy of knowing. With it came, a realisation of the difference between enlightened and unenlightened, and what turns the man into a saint. It is the release of this energy into the body that causes a bridge between the two sides of the body and brings about a blending and working together in order to create a third energy so subtle it transends ordinary body energy, causing a complete change in the energy structure of the body.

From a mystical and occultist point, I am certain this would be the Alchemical tool that turns base metal into gold, and causes man to strive for the divine within himself. And it is also my opinion that it is possible for a person to be given a momentary infusion of this energy under certain circumstances.

Dear Sir

Based on numerous Chinese martial art events (including Bruce Frantzis, Dong Zengchen. Tai Chi Union etc.) I have attended over the last ten years, I wish to balance the comments made by Darryl Tam in the last issue of Qi Magazine (no 6). Granted his article ends 'Small quibbles aside, the event was very successful ...* however I'm sure your readers were not interested in the small quibbles but wanted to know what was so successful, which I will relate below: -

All five traditional Tai Chi Chuan systems including many variations were demonstrated in forms and in some cases interpreted through push hands, applications and fa jing. While the principles of all forms share a common source, differences to a larger or smaller extent depend on the emphasis and influences they receive during their formative years of development. Their different ways of yielding and projecting energy was a revelation to me despite a decade of observing these arts.

In the case of Pa Kua , four people demonstrated their own individual ways. They all emphasised the use of circles and spiralling energy incorporated into an organised but bewildering flow of movements, often performed whilst walking in a circle . I must point out the previous article's description of *a rather intense demonstration by Richard Cillespe"

was actually by Michael Cilhespy, who is based in London.

Two versions of Hsing - I which were demonstrated. vividly indicated how this system can seem to project linear beams of explosive intent.

In addition to the above , there was Liu Ho Pa Fa. internalised Shaolin, various weapons demonstrations etc. plus seminars. The festival did have a section on health and how it can be affected by altering the body's energy including from the outside.

I was impressed by all the participants but it is impossible to mention all their names in this short report. However I would like to draw attention to Sifu Peter Young who organised the festival, gave a running commentary on the various participants and who finished the festival with a comparative synopsis of the different arts in a demonstration, which only hinted at his awesome powers.

Certainly this festival had the richest coverage of Chinese Internal Arts ever demonstrated at one event in this country. Like the previous article's writer, I also conclude: 'I had a very enjoyable day. Role on The Second Chinese Internal Arts Festival!" John Walker, Sunbury-on-Thames.

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Healing Skills Yin & Yang Why?

is like the Western definition of longevity, long life. Live as long as you can: 100 years old, 150 years old, people really can reach such an age. When they die, they die healthy.

Many people die because of disease. Like a fruit, it falls from the tree because it is rotten, it dies because of disease, but another fruit falls because it is ripe, because it is healthy!

I believe, a lot of people practise martial arts because they want to be fit and strong, and of course many of them want to fight. Have you considered that through fighting you will get damaged; even practising you might injure yourself. How do you heal yourself? Go to see a •doctor? What if the situation does not allow it?

In China, a lot of martial artists know some Chinese medicine, some heal -ing skills, herbal cures, massage, bone setting, acupuncture, some know Qigong (energy skill). They use this knowledge to treat and heal their injuries, and some even use it to help other sick people. So a martial artist who knows only how to fight and misses the healing side seems to be missing one leg to walk on.

irth, old age, sickness and death. There is a cycle of life. Taoism says this is natural, nobody can escape it. From birth to death, a small insect to a mighty whale, all must follow this rule.

The topic of this article is healing. But if everybody is to die then healing is pointless! So we don't need to talk about it?

Yes! If you want to live forever! If this is your wish then healing techniques cannot satisfy you, because even the best healer will die.

Taoism emphasises longevity, but the meaning is more than the Western definition. The Taoist's definition of longevity has two aspects. When your body's internal energy (Vital Qi) is no longer stronger than the external energy (Cosmic Qi), the body is coming to an end. We call this death, but your spirit (your mind, work, morality etc.) lives on. People still learn from your work, read your books be affected by your morals, they can feel you, so your spirit lives forever!

The second aspect of longevity

In contrast, does a healer or doctor need a martial art? For a martial artist to need healing skills to cure their injuries makes sense, but a healer or doctor doesn't need to fight, so there is no point to learn a martial art.

To be honest, a lot of healers and doctors are not very healthy, they look tired, pale and stressed. They arc in constant contact with sick people. Naturally some sick energy will pass to them or they will pass on their good energy (good Qi). However healthy you are, sick people and those with low energy (low Qi) will take your Qi.

So to be a healer or doctor you should know how to rid yourself of sick Qi. Some doctors will use medicine (drugs, herbs, etc.). However, you are still in contact with sick people. You will take more sick Qi than perhaps someone who works outside in the streets or someone who does ordinary physical work. It is better to eliminate the sick Qi yourself. One way is through manial arts.

Let me explain what a martial art is. The Chinese character for martial art is a combination of two words. One is (A), which means "fighting", the other is this means "stop", together it is martial art and therefore means "stop fighting". So we study martial arts not for fighting but for defence, to defend against people who want to fight you or to control them. The more you can control them, the higher your level of skill. If you just think of fighting then you are fighter only, not a martial artist.

I never agree with those who learn a martial art for fighting. You should think of "not fighting", otherwise you will bccome aggressive. When you are aggressive you will damage consists of meditation , standing postures, lying postures and breathing techniques.

So an equal balance in the study of the martial arts will bring you health because you train your body and mind. This way you will build up your resistance to bacteria and negative Qi. Therefore you will have more energy to help sick people.

A student of mine brought his mother to see me. She was very

your health. If you arc healthy, you can relax, your fighting skill will naturally improve and will reach a higher level. If your fighting skill is only good when you arc young then it cannot be good for your health. A good martial art you can do forever!

In martial arts training we consider the internal and external. External training is movement practise, co-ordination etc., there are many styles to do this: Wing Chun, Choy Lee Put, Hung Gar, Taiji, Xing I, Bagua, Karate, etc. Of course these include fighting techniques. Internal training sick. She had lung canccr and only one kidney. Her doctors said she only had one month to live. I told her I would try my best to help her.

After many Qigong treatments I used my Qi to help her, she is much better. I taught her some Qigong exercises and told her to practise everyday. After eight months she is stronger than before.

At the beginning I saw her twice a week. This reduced to once a fortnight because she practises the exercises. She says she practises eighteen times a day, about three hours in total. She is good. Qigong helps her. In the beginning I brought up her energy using my Qi. She co-operates with me and eventually she won't need me! She can keep herself by practising. She has surprised the western doctors. After a recent test they found her condition was much improved, especially her kidney, which is stronger.

Medicine is good but it still comes from the outside, it is passive treatment. Exercise, Qigong, internal training, martial art is active. You strengthen the body to resist disease, but it comes from inside, from inside yourself. If you are a martial artist, consider healing skills (Qigong, internal training). If you arc a healer or doctor consider martial arts (movement, body training). This way you will get a Yin and Yang balance.

"We all must die, lets die healthier!" ^

Michacl Tsc.

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fad: mu love dernaC:

25. Spreading a Single Wing

i. Lower your left hand with the palm facing the ground. Touch the left I luantiao point with the left I legu point.

ii. Shift your weight forwards onto your left leg allowing the right heel to rise.

iii. As in 'Cloud Hands' step forwards and raise and extend your right arm so the hand is at shoulder level. Sweep the hand about the body and touch the right Shenshu point as in 'Cloud I lands'.

Spreading the Single Wing is very similar to 'Cloud I lands'. It stimulates the kidneys, but as the hand is raised to shoulder height it also stimulates the lungs.

26. Stepping Forwards & Extending Arm i. Shift your weight on to the right leg and slightly bend the right knee.

ii. Step forwards with your left leg but keep the weight on the right. Place the left foot flat on the ground. As you step turn the left hand over and allow it to move up and forwards so that the edge of the hand touches the hip bone. Look at the left hand.

27. Wind Hand Around Head & Ears i. Bring the right hand around the front of the body so that the palm passes the waist, the abdomen and round to the left hand.

ii. Pass the right palm along the left arm, up to the left shoulder and to the left ear. Watch the right hand as it moves.

iv. Turn the right palm to face the ground. Slowly lower the right hand down and back until the right I tegue point is opposite the right f luantiao point. As you drop your right hand raise your left hand up and forwards so the hand comes to shoulder level. Your gaze should pass to the left hand as it begins to rise and the right drops.

This movement smooths the Lung Channel.

iii. Wind the right hand around the back of the head (palm facing the head) to the right ear.

1 he incura

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