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Oi recently witnessed an ' incident which set me thinking, and reinforced some thoughts which have been with me for some time.

Basically a guy came to a class with the Intention of finding out what was being taught. When he left, he went away having managed to offend the teacher and disrupt the class, not to mention embarrass himself. I find I am unable to condemn this Individual because I honestly believe that he didn't know what he had done. The actual details of what was said and done are not the important thing here, but what is more important Is the principle behind them. Of course coming to a class to find out what is going on is no bad thing, in fact it is a wise thing to do. The problem is: some people just do not know how to set about learning the skills they so desperately seek.

These skills are 'Human Skills', more importantly, they are valuable skills and any good teacher will treat them as such. So remember: just as you have a right to choose a teacher, the teacher has a right to choose his students. The onus is on you to prove yourself not the other way round, because it is you who wants to learn. Just because you have gone out of your way to find a good teacher does not mean that he will want to teach you. The only way to learn is to show that you are trustworthy. I remember how long it took may Dad to trust me with his car. But now that he does trust me he will lend me his new car with hardly a second

thought. So to get the keys you have to prove yourself.

So how do you go about 'proving' yourself? When you first approach a teacher be humble, but don't mistake humility for submissiveness and spiritlessness. Be polite and more importantly be honest. Then if you make a mistake everyone will know it was an honest mistake, and how can anyone hold an honest mistake against you. If you do make a mistake apologise first, but don't demand an explanation, or try to make excuses for yourself. Think it about for yourself. If everyone else can see your mistake then it can't be that hard to see. The more time you spend in that class the more you will understand what is acceptable and what is not.

If you have studied else where then inform the teacher of this and explain that you wish to develop your skill further, but leave what you have learnt outside. Don't presume to make or ask for comparisons and don't make any assumptions because then you will only sound arrogant and insinuate that you are an expert. You can impress many people if you show that you are open in this way. But if you are still studying with someone else don't be surprised if you are sent away to ask your teachers permission. "You must empty your cup before you can drink fresh tea."

Along with your past knowledge leave your outside. When you walk someone else's class, it is you are walking into house. You don't put your up on the coffee table, must follow the rules or will be asked to leave. Be polite and tread carefully. Don't

Misbehave & this could be (he least of your problems as try to impress others having just walked in the door, you are the 'junior*.

You see 'Human Skills' require a relationship to be built up before you can really learn. If you treat the skill as just a hobby then don't expect to learn everything.

and if you expect to learn everything don't be surprised when you don't. Good teachers are very careful who they teach and what they teach them. If you appear to be in a rush, have unrealistic ambitions then you may not learn to a high .level.

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What you will learn will be good, but you may never even know what else there was to learn. A Chinese saying states 'If you can pass on your knowledge, then pass it on, else better you take it with you to the grave.' Therefore a teacher rather his skill was lost than teach those not fit to learn It.

If you do succeed and eventually become a 'senior', then you are still not 'home and dry.' Now you have more responsibility on your shoulders. You need to make sure that you practise, and represent yourself correctly, as now you also represent your teacher, and his teachers before him. It is not only yourself you will embarrass. Just because you are 'senior' remember you can still learn from those less experienced than you. You still need to show that you are 'open' Jk honest because if you make a mistake It is even more serious.

Everyone has an ego. The Important thing is how you handle it. Some think it is so important and hold it up for all to see. After a while they find they can't put It down even if they wanted to. Others keep it in their

How many skills don't you even know about?

pocket and only take It out now and again. This Is one difference between a stupid man and a wise man. One knows when to put his ego away and when to take it out. the other does not. A friend of mine once said "There's only one incurable disease: stupidity!" At the time I thought his comment was very funny, now if he is right then I find that it's a little sad.

I don't profess to know the 'way to study', but I've seen many ways not to. ^

Danryl Tam

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