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What's the connection?


Qi is energy. This energy can be Yin or Yang. The Chinese masters have known this for thousands of years.

Michael Tsc recently demon -stratcd the Chinese way of healing using Qigong at his Manchester Healing Day. He spoke about energy transmissions, how energy works in the body and how we can maintain the energy flow to stay healthy and full of vitality, in the West we have had no such knowledge, none that is until it was introduced to us by masters such as Michael.

As a community pharmacist, specialising in herbs. Homeopathy, vitamins & mineral supplements, and other forms of complementary medicine, for many years 1 have sold products such as: 'The oil of evening primrose'. Vitamin 'C, Vitamin 'E', selenium with zinc etc. I was intrigued by a new product: a capsule callcd Bio Quinone Q10.

Q10 is a natural substance that we all make in every cell in our bodies, every minute of our lives. The substance has now been extracted from plant cells and out into capsules.

Q10 works in the electron transport chain in the area of the cell called the Mitochondrion. Plants also make their energy in the Mitochondria. Since 1957 scientific researchers have known of the importance of Q10 for the cell's production of energy. The most

Diagram 1

important molecule in binding energy from food is called

Adenosine - Triphosphate

Any movement of the body : heart beating, lungs moving, muscles moving e.g. Taiji, Qigong,

Grand Master Yip Chun

Hong Kong

Wing Chun Seminar

A chance to learn the original Wing Chun Experience Sticking Hands with the Grand Master Organised by Michael Tse

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