buttocks. This point is a very important Qi point. If Qi is blocked from going through this point, then it will cause hip problems and weakness in the lower body. Because this point is very sensitive, we usually stimulate it only by having another acupuncture point facing it and transmitting Qi to this area. For instance, we use this method in Jade Ladder Climbing to the Sky.


Huiyin means Yin Energy Meeting Point. This point is located on the Ren Channel directly between the legs. The Ren Channel runs from the Huiyin point up to the lower lip. Treating this point helps with regulating menstruation and strengthening the kidneys. This point can also clear away heat and so help constipation. We often use this point in relation to the Baihui point to help us align our posture. When we have the right body posture, this will allow for the proper flow of Qi through the channels and body.

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