Looking for Treasure at the Bottom of the Chest

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1 Stand straight with elbows loosely bent and arms open to the sides of the body.

2 Lean forwards from the waist and bring the hands to the Lower Dantian (see page 65), so that palms are facing this area. Make sure elbows are rounded and open, not close against the body.

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3 Touch the thumbs to the middle fingers.

4 Lean back with knees slightly bent and open the arms to the sides of the body. Look upwards slightly, keeping the elbows and wrists relaxed and fingers touching.

Repeat the movement as you lean forward again and again.

Leaning Backward Posture


When you bend forward, breathe out and as you lean backward, breathe in.


When you are bent over at the waist, make sure the knees are straight and that the hands are held at the Lower Dantian level. In this position, the elbows should be out and the middle finger and thumb tips touching, as this precedes leaning backwards. When you lean backwards, look upwards slightly. The knees will be slightly bent and the elbows will be held closer to the body with the palms open in this position. When you lean forwards, open the palms so that you gather energy instead of connecting the fingers together.

This movement is quite gentle. The arms do not open too much, and the hands should not be higher than the Middle Dantian (middle chest height) (see page 66) when open to the sides.


The Lower Dantian and kidneys are two of the most important parts of the body and relate to Qi. These areas store energy in order for us to live longer and for when we need it. Maintaining the kidneys and strengthening the Dantian are very important for health. By doing Looking for Treasure at the Bottom of the Chest, we work for the kidneys and the back when we lean backwards. When we touch our fingers together, the middle finger relates to the heart and the thumb relates to the spleen. So when we connect them together, we stimulate these two organs to make the Qi stronger.

Also, in the Five Element theory, the heart relates to the element fire and kidneys relate to water. Fire and water coming together creates a lot of energy, like Yin and Yang. Everything we relate to has opposite sides, like Yin and Yang, fire and water.

For example, when you make bread, you need both water and fire. When you cook, you need water and fire. When you do your laundry,


you need water to wash the clothes and heat to dry the clothing. This is how we make things develop. When we lean forward in the movement and touch the fingers, we stimulate the heart fire and when we lean back, we stimulate the kidney water.


Looking for Treasure at the Bottom of the Chest is a Chinese metaphor meaning that all the best things are always at the bottom or at the end. In the old times, when you went to the market to buy something, usually the best part would be kept in the back or hidden at the bottom. First, the sellers would only show you the ordinary one. In most Chinese households, families like to keep valuable things hidden underneath the bed or hidden in the bottom of a case or chest.

So usually, we will say if you are the last one to be chosen for a job, you are the most lucky one. That is what we mean when we say Looking for Treasure at the Bottom of the Chest:. I used this phrase to relate to this movement as it looks like we are looking for something at the bottom of the chest and at the same time to connect with the kidney movement. This is because the kidneys are one of our most precious internal organs.

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