Lower Middle And Upper Dantian

The Lower Dantian is located below the navel and is the area where Qi is stored. It is an area rather than an actual acupuncture point. The more you practise Qigong and the more Qi you store here, then the stronger this area will feel to the touch. You will also have a lot of energy and feel good when the Lower Dantian is full. This area relates to the kidneys and sexual function.

Where Dant

The Middle Dantian is located at the middle chest and will store the overflow of Qi from the Lower Dantian as it is converted from Jing (sexual energy) to pure Qi. This area relates to the lungs and breathing.

The Upper Dantian is often referred to as the Sky Eye. This area is related to the brain and intuition, seeing colours and receiving messages mentally. When pure Qi rises, it becomes Shen (spiritual) energy. The more Qigong you practise and the more Qi you can store, then this area will start to develop and you will find yourself able to see things more clearly with a calm and unemotional mind.


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