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There are three positions for Ma Bo meditation: high, medium and low. In both the high and medium postures, the right posture is to keep the Baihui and Huiyin points in a straight line (see Chapter 9, 'Importance of Correct Posture'). In the low stance, the Baihui point and the Yongquan point should be in line. This is because when you are this low, it is not possible to keep the back in a straight line. However, in all of the postures, make sure that you keep your head up and eyes looking straight ahead.

1 Stand with the feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Hold the arms to the side of the body. The forearms should be parallel to the ground and the palms facing the earth. Keep the mouth closed and tongue touching the upper palate. Eyes should look forward in a relaxed manner.

Keep the arms in the above position and bend the knees so that all the weight is on your thighs. Keep the back straight, so that the Baihui point and Huiyin points are in line. In the beginning, take a higher stance until your legs become stronger, then you can go lower.

2 When you feel comfortable, bend the knees a bit more so that you are in a medium Ma Bo stance.

3 If you want, you can even try to do a lower Ma Bo stance. Still keep the back straight and arms open and relaxed. Try to stay in this lower position for even a few seconds, then try to build up to a minute or longer if possible. When tired, gently go back to the higher position with knees still slightly bent. When we finish the exercise, we must wash the face Qigong style (see page 117) and then do what we call Shou Gong. This is for collecting all the Qi back to the Dantian to store in the body.

Shou Gong SittingWuji Posture Straight Back

Ma Bo is one of the treasures of Chinese skill and is a very powerful healing method. If you want to be very healthy and strong, do this every day and slowly increase the time that you practise it.

When doing Ma Bo, the most important thing is to keep your shoulders and arms relaxed and back straight. Do not tilt your hips forward as this will block the Qi and put the weight on the lower back instead of the legs. All the weight must be on the thighs for the Qi to develop properly. It will make your bones and kidneys stronger and will increase bone marrow. We keep the eyes open for this meditation because the Qi is very powerful. If you close the eyes, the body may start to move and you will lose Qi.

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