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Through my Qigong practise, I understand this, and I also use this method to help diagnose patients. Of course, we often use this skill without even knowing it. If you pet a cat or dog, you can tell their health by the texture and feel of their coat. It is the same with a plant or a tree. If a plant is not healthy, its leaves will change from bright green to yellow. If the condition worsens, the leaf will become dry and brown and soon fall. If the problem is not fixed, the roots will also be affected and the plant will die. If a leaf from a tree is soft and supple and green, then you can tell the tree is in good health. However, if it is dry or has some spots, you know there is a problem somewhere.

It is no different for humans. If you look at our face and palms, you can see all health conditions there. If you have a heart problem, your face will have a deep, even purplish-red colour and be swollen. This red should not be confused with a healthy red, but rather a red that will not go away. There may even be spots or dark veins. It will be the same for the palms. They will have a dark red hue to them. If you have a liver problem, your face will be a sallow yellow or greenish colour, and your palms will be the same. This means there is a problem with the blood circulation resulting from the liver problem.

Today, people like to have plastic surgery and use make-up to try to avoid showing facial signs of ageing or poor health. However, you cannot hide the spirit of the eyes, the colour of the palms and the texture of the skin on the hands. So the state of your health will show more or less on certain parts of your body.

Many people do not understand how to stay healthy. In essence, good health is based on the condition of your internal organs, so if you have a healthy heart, lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys, your skin will glow and your hair will have enough oil. Your eyes will be bright and your face will still look young, even though it may have some lines. No make-up or plastic surgery can replace or copy this. All health conditions start from the inside out.

Because of the Qigong way of looking at things, I have a different concept of beauty. Just because you are young, it does not mean you look good and just because you are old, it does not mean you look bad.

The beauty of health is for all ages. Beauty is not about certain kinds of features or a certain colour of hair or eyes. It is about health shining through. This is because when the channels are open and the internal organs healthy, the eyes will be bright and have good spirit. The skin will be soft and have enough oil naturally. When you are healthy, you will naturally look good and will also attract people who are healthy.

Have you ever noticed that when you practise Qigong you end up meeting similar people? Maybe they practise yoga or Tai Chi, but they have similar interests. People with a good heart who are healthy and have compassion will naturally join together. On the other hand, if you like to take advantage of people, gamble, gossip and put down others, then these will be the kind of people who will come to you. What you are is what you attract.

However, that does not mean to say people cannot change. Practising Qigong will definitely make you healthy and help your heart to change and bring you luck. This is because when you are healthy, you have good energy. When you have good energy, you will attract more positive things. If you are always sad or complaining, do you think that many people will like to be around you? Only the kind of people who have this kind of attitude will want to befriend you.

However, when you are healthy, you will feel good and it is easy to be positive and happy. Lots of people will like to be around you and more good opportunities will open up for you. Just think about a baby when it smiles at you. Can you stop yourself from smiling back?

Healthy people have good luck because when you are healthy, the internal organs and energy in the body is balanced and the mind is clear. When your mind is clear, your judgement will also be clear. So you will not easily be affected by tricky people or someone who is not sincere. You will automatically stay away from those people and know how to develop your life properly. By practising Qigong every day, you will get healthy and the more healthy you are, the more luck you will have.


WHEN I WAS LITTLE, my father forced my brothers and sister and I to sit straight, walk straight and stand straight. At that time, I did not understand why he was so strict about this. 1 remember that one time I was supporting my head on my hand and leaning to one side to do my homework. My father came up and shouted at me, 'Sit properly!'

Because of this, I grew up with good posture and now I appreciate what he taught me. Yet while I was growing up I thought that this was just part of Chinese culture, not thinking about it in terms of health. Correct posture is, in fact, part of Confucian thinking and education which says that good behaviour is based on good posture. This philosophy is over 2,500 years old, almost as old as Qigong.

Good posture means having a good foundation. Today, people are very interested in Feng Shui. If a building has a good foundation, this will give it a good structure for the people living or working there. This is the same as having the right posture. With the right posture, your Qi will flow much better and your internal organs will be in the right position and have a good supply of nutrients and Qi.

So how do we find the right posture? If we start with a standing position first, make sure that the weight of your body is distributed evenly over and between both feet. We should not put the weight on one leg or the other too often, otherwise you will develop one side of the organs to be stronger than the other, like kidneys or lungs.

For the Chinese, finding the correct posture is very easy. We use the acupuncture point at the top of the head, called Baihui, and then we align this with the point directly between the legs, called Huiyin (see page 58). This puts the skeleton in the right position. Otherwise, if we rely too much on external body points for correct posture, we may find that because everyone has different proportions and levels of understanding, then our posture alignment may not be quite right.

When the posture is right, Qi will flow without any blockages along the channels. In this way, the internal organs will get the maximum supply of Qi and you will not feel tired. When you have correct posture, your breathing and body will be in harmony and your mind will be more clear.

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