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We have so many ways to practise meditation. We can do it lying down or sitting on a chair, stool or cushion. We can do standing or even lotus meditation. All of these different kinds of meditation, in the end, have the same benefit, although with some ways it may take longer to see the benefit.

Standing meditation is stronger than sitting meditation because when we stand, the Qi is very powerful and it makes the kidneys strong very quickly. Kidney energy is the first energy created from our Qigong practise. When the kidneys are healthy and strong, we will not feel tired. Our bones and teeth will be strong, our minds clear and our memory good.

Sitting meditation has a stronger effect than lying meditation. Sitting meditation is very good for helping the body to relax and heal injuries but should not replace standing meditation, as standing meditation will create very powerful Qi in the body. As for lying meditation, when you are lying down it takes much longer for the Qi to circulate in the body, and so usually I only recommend lying meditation as a beginning method for someone who is very ill and cannot stand. For healthy people, when you do lying meditation, you will often find that you fall asleep instead of doing meditation.

Lotus meditation is another method and it concentrates on bringing up the spiritual energy and circulating the Qi to benefit internal organs. Some people can sit for a long time in the lotus position if they have practised for a while. Some can even sit for several hours or even a day. However, for most people, this posture is unusual and is not so comfortable at first.

There are many different kinds of meditation in the style of Qigong which I teach. However, for the purposes of this book, I have tried to offer some simple methods which I think will benefit the most people, most of the time. Below are two different kinds of meditation. The first is a Yang meditation, called Ma Bo or Horse Stance. We do this one with the eyes open as it is a very powerful kind of meditation for both releasing the sick energy from the body and healing any problems. The second is a Yin, sitting meditation which is less strenuous but takes longer to heal the body.

The sitting meditation can be done on any straight-backed chair. The most important thing is to relax, keep the posture straight and breathe through the nose. This can be done anywhere and will make the mind calm and help heal any problems with the joints and back.

I always recommend Ma Bo to both my students and my patients. One of my patients who was diagnosed with kidney cancer came to me to ask if there was any Qigong method that he could use instead of having surgery or traditional treatment. He started with a few minutes of Ma Bo and built up to thirty minutes standing twice a day. This was over six years ago and he is still doing fine, without having had any cancer treatments.

I also do Ma Bo myself after I have treated patients, because when we do healing, we exchange Qi with that person. The more healthy you are and the more ill the patient, the more your good Qi will pass to them and the more sick Qi you will take on yourself. Unless you want this Qi to stay in your own body and cause problems, you need to release it. The quickest way I have found is to do Ma Bo. Because this particular Ma Bo posture is not just staying in one position, but moving up and down, it forces the Qi to became very powerful and clean up the body very, very quickly. Afterwards, you will feel good, just like when you were a child.

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