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The Buddhists usually use the one breath cycle, but this does not mean you cannot use a two breath cycle. As long as you follow the rules, you can experience many breathing strategies by yourself.

Figure 3-38. One breath Buddhist breathing cycle i. One Breath Cycle (Figure 3-38):

When you inhale, your mind leads the Chi from your nose to your tailbone; and when you exhale, it leads the Chi from the tailbone to the nose to complete the cycle.

F. When to Practice

According to the documents, there are three times in the day which are considered best for practice: before midnight, dawn, and after noon (between one and two o'clock). If you cannot meditate three times a day, you should meditate in the morning and evening, and skip the afternoon session.

G. Postures for Practice

When you practice in the morning and in the afternoon, it is recommended that you face the east to absorb the energy from the sun and to coordinate with the rotation of the Earth. For the evening session, you should face South to take advantage of the earth's magnetic field.

When you meditate, you should sit with your legs crossed on a mat or cushion about 3 inches thick. Your tongue should touch the roof of your mouth to connect the Yin and Yang vessels.

Once you have opened up the three gates and circulated the Chi smoothly in the Conception and Governing Vessels, you should then continue meditating to build up the Chi more strongly and to learn to store the Chi in these two reservoirs. Opening up the gates may take only a few months, but building up the Chi to an abundant level may take you many years of continued practice. At this stage, the more you practice, the more Chi you will accumulate. Remember: ABUNDANT CHI STORAGE IS THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR HEALTH.

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