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Since Chinese acupuncture was introduced to the Western world, the idea of Chi and its circulation in the human body has gradually become recognized and accepted by Western doctors and the general public. More and more, people in this country are turning to acupuncture treatments or trying Chi Kung, and as they tell their friends of their good experiences, the reputation of these Oriental arts increases.

Practicing Chi Kung (which is the science of working with Chi, the energy within the body) can not only maintain your health and mental balance, but can also cure a number of illnesses without the use of any drugs. Chi Kung uses either still or moving meditation to increase and regulate the Chi circulation.

When you practice regularly, your mind will gradually become calm and peaceful, and your whole being will start to feel more balanced. However, the most important result that will come from the regular practice of Chi Kung is your discovery of the inner world of your body's energy. Through sensing and feeling, and examining your inner experiences, you will start to understand yourself not only physically but also mentally. This science of internal sensing, which the Chinese have been studying for several thousand years, has usually been totally ignored by the Western world. However, in today's busy and confusing society, this training is especially important. With the mental peace and calmness that Chi Kung can provide, you will be better able to relax and enjoy your daily work, and perhaps even find real happiness.

I believe that it is very important for the Western world to learn, study, research, and develop this scientific internal art immediately and on a wide scale. I believe that it can be very effective in helping people, especially young people, to cope with the confusing and frightening challenges of life. The general practice of Chi Kung would reduce the mental pressure in our society, help those who are unbalanced, and perhaps even lower the crime rate. Chi Kung balances the internal energy and can heal many illnesses. Older people especially will find that it will maintain their health and even slow the aging process. In addition, Chi Kung will help older people to conquer depression, and to find peace, calmness, and real happiness.

I am confident that people in the Western world will realize, as have millions of Chinese, that Chi Kung practice will give them a new outlook on life, and that it will turn out to be a key to solving many of today's problems.

For these reasons, I have been actively studying, researching, and publishing what I have learned. However, after a few years of effort, I feel that what I have accomplished is too slow and shallow. The reason for this is simply that YMAA is young and lacks the financial foundation to handle such a large and important job. I and the few people like me who are struggling to spread the word about Chi Kung cannot do it well enough by ourselves. We need to get more people involved, but we especially need to have universities and established medical organizations get involved in the research.

Since I came to United States in 1974,1 have dreamed of introducing the traditional Chinese Chi Kung treasures to Western society. It is only in the last few years that this dream has gradually begun to be realized. In 1982 YMAA was organized, and in 1989 YOAA, Inc. was established. YMAA is publishing two series of Chi Kung books. The first series is for the Chi Kung beginner, and the second series is in-depth books for more experienced Chi Kung practitioners. The first book and videotape of the introductory series was "The Eight Pieces of Brocade." This book, "The Essence of Tai Chi Chi Kung," is the second of the introductory series. It will include an introduction to Chi Kung theory, which cannot be provided effectively in the videotape that is published in conjunction with this book.

If this book does not satisfy your curiosity about Chi Kung, you are invited to investigate the in-depth Chi Kung series. That series includes:

1. THE ROOT OF CHINESE CHI KUNG - The Secrets of Chi Kung Training (1989)

2. MUSCLE/TENDON CHANGING AND MARROW/BRAIN WASHING CHI KUNG - The Secret of Youth (Yi Gin Ching and Shii Soei Ching)(1989)

3. CHI KUNG MASSAGE - Chi Kung Tuei Na and Cavity Press for Healing (Chi Kung Ann Mo and Chi Kung Dien ShiuhXto be published)

4. CHI KUNG AND HEALTH - For Healing and Maintaining Health (to be published)

5. CHI KUNG AND MARTIAL ARTS - The Key to Advanced Martial Arts Skill (Shaolin, Wuudang, Ermei, and othersXto be published)

6. BUDDHIST CHI KUNG - Charn, The Root of Zen (to be published)

7. TAOIST CHI KUNG (Dan Diing Tao KungXto be published)

8. TIBETAN CHI KUNG (Mih Tzong Shen KungXto be published)

The first volume, "The Root of Chinese Chi Kung" introduces the historical background and the different categories of Chi Kung, Chi

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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