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The main purpose of this set is to lead Chi to the surface of the skin and into the bone marrow through the use of breathing and the coiling motion. The principle behind this set is that when a muscle is twisted in one direction and then brought back to its starting position, the muscle is tensed and then relaxed. This continuous coiling motion causes the Chi in the primary Chi channels to be led outward to the surface of the skin and also to be condensed into the bone marrow. This strengthens the Chi which protects your body from negative outside influences, and also keeps the marrow functioning properly.

This coiling set is designed for those who wish to strengthen their Guardian Chi (Wey Chi) and to increase the sensitivity of their "Skin Listening" Jing, which is required for Tai Chi Pushing Hands. You can see that reverse breathing would be more effective than regular breathing in this set, because you can use the exhale to help lead Chi to the skin, and the inhale to help lead Chi to the marrow.

Even though this set was originally designed for martial arts Chi training, it is also a very effective health exercise. An abundant supply of Chi to the bone marrow is the key to health and longevity.

The most important key to this training is concentration. It is the mind which leads Chi to the skin and to the bone marrow in coordination with the coiling motion, so once you are familiar with the movements you should practice leading your mind into a deeper meditative state which allows you to feel or sense the Chi deep in the bones. Every coiling motion should be generated from the legs and directed to the limbs. The entire body should be soft like a whip. The motion is continuous and without stagnation, like the movement of an octopus. Naturally, breathing (which is the strategy of Chi Kung training) is another key to success. Your breathing should be slow, deep, and long, and you should not hold your breath. An additional key to successful training is the coordination of the anus and the Huiyin cavity, which will help your mind to lead your Chi more efficiently.

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Mixed Martial Arts

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