Regulating the Body Tyau Shenn

Regulating the Body is called "Tyau Shenn" in Chinese. This means to adjust your body until it is in the most comfortable and relaxed state. This implies that your body must be centered and balanced. If it is not, you will be tense and uneasy, and this will affect the judgement of your Yi and the circulation of your Chi. In Chinese medical society it is said: "(When) shape (body's posture) is not correct, then the Chi will not be smooth. (When) the Chi is not smooth, the Yi (Mind) will not be peaceful. (When) the Yi is not peaceful, then the Chi is disordered."(* 12) You should understand that the relaxation of your body originates with your Yi. Therefore, before you can relax your body, you must first relax or regulate your mind (Yi). This is called "Shenn Hsin Pyng Herng,"(*13) which means "Body and heart (Mind) balanced." The body and the mind are mutually related. A relaxed and balanced body helps your Yi to relax and concentrate. When your Yi is at peace and can judge things accurately, your body will be centered, balanced, and relaxed.

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