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Tai Chi Chi Kung can be divided into two parts: the still meditative practice and the moving meditative practice. There are many

Figure 3-30.

Figure 3-31.

different sets of moving patterns, each with its own unique purpose and benefits. We will discuss the still meditative practices in this section, and the moving ones in the next section.

Before we start, there are several important concepts which you should understand. As explained in the second chapter, compared with the moving Tai Chi Chuan which is classified as Yang, the still meditation is classified as Yin. Again, in Tai Chi still meditation, the sitting meditation is considered Yin, while the standing still meditation is considered Yang. In both cases the physical body is still, calm, and relaxed as much as possible, and therefore the body is classified as Yin, while the Chi generated and circulated in the Yin body is classified as Yang.

There are a number of other differences between sitting and standing still meditation. First, in the sitting meditation the physical body is relaxed to the maximum, while in the standing meditation the physical body is relatively tensed in certain areas. Second, sitting meditation builds up the Chi through Nei Dan (Internal Elixir) training and completing the Small Circulation (Sheau Jou Tian), while the standing meditation builds up the Chi in the limbs through Wai Dan (External Elixir) practice. In the sitting meditation, the Chi is built up in the Lower Dan Tien, which is the residence of Original Chi. It is located about one to two inches below the navel. The main goal of sitting meditation is to remove all blockages causing stagnation of the Chi flow in the Conception and Governing Vessels. However, the goal of standing still meditation is to build up the Chi by using certain postures which cause tension in specific muscles, energizing them and increasing their level of Chi. Therefore, in the Yin sitting meditation, the body and the mind are both calm, while in the Yang standing meditation, although the mind is calm, the physical body is excited to a degree. If you are interested in learning more about Nei Dan and Wai Dan Chi Kung, you should read the author's book "Chi Kung - Health and Martial Arts."

In this section we will discuss sitting still meditation for the Small Circulation. However, IF YOU ARE A CHI KUNG BEGINNER, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT START THIS TRAINING ON YOUR OWN NOW Nei Dan Chi Kung is hard to understand and experience, especially for Chi Kung beginners. If you do not understand the training theory and practice correctly, you may injure yourself. Wai Dan standing meditation is generally much safer. We are presenting the following discussion for your information, but you should wait until you understand Chi Kung and this training fairly well before you start the practice on your own.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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