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LIE ON your side (left side to improve the liver and heart and right side for the kidneys and lungs). Put the bottom hand under your head and the other hand on your legs. Slightly bend the bottom leg, which allows the Qi to flow strongly. (See photograph below.)

Qigong Lying Side

From the Tang to the Song Dynasty (AD 618 -1127) lived Chen Bo, a very famous Daoist. His sleeping method enabled him to go for months without waking up. Once a woodcutter passed through Hwa Shah, where Chen Bo lived, and there saw what he thought was a dead body lying on the ground. But when he touched it he found it was very warm and the heart was still beating. After a while Chen Bo said, 'Why did you disturb me? I was sleeping very well!' The Tang Emperor Shi Zong (AD 956) invited Chen Bo to come to the palace. Immediately on arrival, Chen Bo went to his room, closed his door and fell asleep. A month later he woke up, and only then did he see the Emperor! Sleeping made him healthy and enabled him to develop his Daoist method.

For any meditation, first get the correct posture and then relax the body. When you don't feel relaxed you have a blockage or injury, so you mu&t try to relax that area more. No matter how you feel, let everything happen and just keep relaxed. Maybe you will feel warm, tingling or itchy -such sensations are very natural. Also you will find that saliva forms in your mouth. Swallow it, because it can help to balance your internal body.

When you meditate don't think of the time, but just go on for as long as you feel comfortable. When you want to finish your meditation, you should complete with Shou Gong, which means Ending Exercise or Collecting or Balancing Exercise. No matter what kind of Qigong you practise, you must always do this as it brings your Qi back to the Dantien to store it so it is not lost. If you have been meditating in a sitting or lying position you should do the Shou Gong sitting (see following photographs). If you have been meditating standing up, you should do the Shou Gong standing too.

Shou Gong

1. >=> Start to open your eyes. Rub your hands together until they feel warm.

2.^—I Then 'wash' your face three times with your hands passing over your eyes, your nose, the top of your head and your ears.

4. I—y Bring your hands up from your sides to your forehead (the Yintang or Sky-eye point).

5. ^ I Slowly sink your hands down along the centre of your body to the Dantien, repeating this movement three times.

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    How to do "shou gong" as an ending to meditation?
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