Holding the Dantien

THIS starting exercise stimulates the Dantien which stores the Qi. Placing your hands on your stomach connects the Laogong points at the centre of your palms to the Qihai point (about 1.5 cm below the navel) which relates to the Dantien.

1. Stand naturally, with your feet as wide as your shoulders. Keep your back straight and relax your shoulders and neck, keeping your head in an upright, natural position. (Unless stated otherwise, follow this starting position for all the exercises.)

Dantien Nde

2. ^ I Men should place their left hand on the Dantien, and the right hand over the left. Women should place their right hand on the Dantien with the left over it. Relax your whole body and lightly concentrate your thoughts on your Dantien.

3. I—y Slowly bend your knees and breathe out, but keep your back straight.

4. Slowly straighten your legs and breathe in.

Energy Gates Qigong Images

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  • Juho
    Why left over right for women and right over left for men over the dantien?
    10 years ago