Lifting up the ball

This exercise should be performed with light, relaxed movements. It is as if you are gently bouncing a balloon with your hands to keep it in the air. Make sure your hands lift higher than your shoulders and that the back hand's Hegu point keeps facing the Huantiao point on the buttock to smooth the Gall Bladder Channel. This movement is good for the spirit, blood pressure and mind balance.

1. Stand naturally and relax your whole body.

2. Turn to the left and shift your weight to your left leg. Allow the right heel to lift off the floor.

Raise your right arm so that it crosses your body and the right hand is level with your left shoulder, palm facing up. Your left hand should move slightly left and back so that your left Hegu point faces the left Huantiao point. Look at your right hand.

4. .Relax your body and turn your right palm over. Begin to swing your weight from your left leg to your right leg. At the same time drop your right hand down across your body to your back and bring your left hand up and in front of you.

You should end up in a position opposite to Step 3.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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