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There are no restrictions for women practising Qigong during menstruation. Practising Qigong can help your circulation during a period md so ease headaches, stomach cramps and any emotional problems. This is because during menstruation the body changes due to the change in the blood circulation and pressure, and by practising Qigong you can calm and balance the blood.

Some women, however, have very heavy periods. If this is the case, you should change your meditation so that instead of concentrating on the Dantien, you concentrate on the middle Dantien -the Shanzbong point. This is because the Dantien is relatcd to the womb area and concentration on it may over-stimulate the area during a period, making it even heavier. It is better to move your concentration to the higher Shanzhong point which is related to the heart and lungs.


Qigong can still be practised during pregnancy, but you should take care while bending and doing very active movements. Take things gently and be aware of the effects of the movements on your body. Meditation is very beneficial during pregnancy as you can connect with your baby, giving it strong Qi which helps to promote good health and intelligence and enablcs you to form strong bonds which will be very valuable for you both in the future.

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  • malva
    Can one practice qigong while having periods?
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