Pushing the wave

Pushing waves is one of the full Taiji Quan movements, but it is slightly different here because we straighten the front leg when pushing the wave. In this movement the chest opens and is connected with the Qihu points in the stomach channel, so this exercise is good for the lungs and stomach. It is also beneficial for knee problems.

1. Stand with one leg forwards. Adopt a 'bow 2.Bring your hands in towards your chest so stance' so that your back foot turns out at 45 that your Hegu points face your Qihu points, degrees while your front foot points palms facing down. Breathe in. forwards. Keep your weight on your back leg. Lift both arms to shoulder height.

3.1 / Sink down and move your weight forwards, with your palms pushing forwards at the same time. Shift your weight to your front leg and straighten it; your back leg goes up on its toes. Breathe out.

4.^ I Relax your hands, palms facing downwards. Transfer your weight to your back leg and sink down. At the same time as you move your weight your hands return to the chest, Hegu points facing Qihu points. Breathe in.

5. Repeat six times, then change your front leg and repeat.

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