Rolling the arms

This is one of the full Taiji Quan movements. If you have done Taiji Quan before it will be easy, but if you are new to it you could move one hand first, then the other and finally both together. Once you get used to the movement you will like it because the sensation of Qi is very strong. Practising it will make your shoulders and neck flexible and you will lose weight. Because your hands are passing your chest it is also good for your lungs and heart. The more you move, the more you will relax - everything becomes very easy and harmonised. So, finally, it is good for reducing stress and panic. (This exercise is shown from the side for clarity).

1. Stand naturally and relax your whole body

^ 2. Keep your feet still and turn to the left. Raise your arms, to shoulder height, right arm forwards and left arm pointing back, with both palms facing up. Look at your left hand.

3.^-1 Bring your left hand up and towards you. Turn your body to face the front.

4. I Bring both hands towards you so that the left hand, with the palm facing down, passes your head close to and just above your left ear, the Taiyang point, and your right hand drops slightly and comes to the centre (of your chest). After passing your ear your left hand should come to the centre, while your left palm should pass over the right just in front of your chest.

Rolling Habituation For Right Side

7. Repeat for the right side.

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