Rotating the wheel in a circle

This is like a big wheel in a funfair. It strengthens our back and makes it more supple. Make sure your legs are straight. Your breathing should be relaxed and natural. As your hands circle up you should breathe in, and as they come down you should breathe out.

1. Stand naturally and relax your whole body.

2. Bend forwards as far as possible.

-1 Slowly swing your arms to the left, allowing your right hand to cross in front of your body. As your arms begin to circle left and up, allow your hands to turn so that your palms face outwards.

-1 After your hands have passed over your head and are descending to your right begin to bend forwards from your waist. Keep your legs straight and don't move your feet. When your hands are pointing straight down you should be fully bent forwards.

5. Continue the motion and repeat the circle three times, then repeat the whole exercise for the opposite direction.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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