The Dantien up and down

THIS is good for your lungs, increases your breathing and stimulates your Dantien Qi by moving up and down.

1. Stand as in Step 2 of the previous exercise.

2. JJ, Separate your hands so the palms face upwards and the fingertips point towards each other. The hands should be level with the Dantien.

Florence Jay GouldEnergy Gates Qigong ImagesQihu Point

Slowly raise your hands from the Dantien to the chest, as high as the Qihu points on the upper chest, and breathe in.

4. JJ^. Turn your palms down so the Hegu point on the hand faces the Qihu point (LEFT) and lower your hands back to the Dantien while breathing out and bending your knees (RIGHT).

Qihu Point

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