The right direction to face

The four points of the compass relate to different internal organs: East for the liver, West for the lungs, North for the kidneys and South for the heart. If you have a health problem in any of these areas, face the appropriate direction. If, however, you have a problem with your stomach, you can face whichever direction you like -this is because the stomach is the centre.

But our health problems are also connected to our Yin and Yang, and you might find that you need to face the opposite direction from those indicated above. Too much Yang means we have too much energy, and conversely too much Yin indicates that our energy is weak. For example, if you have a bad temper because of bad circulation, it means that your liver is too Yang. Therefore you should face West (the opposite of the normal direction for liver complaints) to release your excess liver Qi.

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Yin Yang Balance

Yin Yang Balance

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