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Dear Master Tse,

I am interested in the Qigong aspect of Wing Chun. I have heard the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Set is intimately associated with Qigong skill development and understanding and that the essence of the dummy set is found only in understanding it from the perspective of Qi. Is it true that the dummy is not about hardening or toughening up your body, but for increased sensitivity and learning how to hit with energy or Qi rather than just your body?

I would greatly appreciate any Wing Chun based Qi Kung knowledge you can give me. Or explanations about

1. Crane

2. Leopard

3. Praying Mantis

4. Dragon

5. Serpent

After performing the five animal stances and your fees processed, you will be awarded:


2. An official BLACKBELT CERTIFICATE with authentic seal with my original signature and the original signatures of two other Blackbelts.

3. A notarized certificate of authenticity.

4. A copy of my 3rd Degree BLACKBELT SIFU INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATE, signed by a World Champion Grand Master, authorizing me, to certify you. Simply purchase my course, learn five moves, and verify you can perform these stances by emailing me (ON YOUR HONOR) that you have completed the course and I WILL CERTIFY YOU AS FIRST DEGREE BLACKBELT...

For more information call (number supplied - ed). We will answer any questions you have personally; we also offer Kung Fu uniforms, Blackbelt sashes, dragon patches and other martial arts supplies. Our web page will be up soon. Hopefully when you call, we will have the site available for you to view.

You are only one call away from being a Kung Fu Blackbelt...

If you have any comments or have come across anything similar why not write in to the usual address and let us know how it is integrated into the Wing Chun system. I have also read that the fifth phase of the dummy set is to unlock and understand the abstract applications of the sequences as they pertain to meridian point attacks relative to Dim Mak. It is said the dummy is the perfect tool to teach Dim Mak theory and techniques. It is said the truth is no one will really appreciate or understand the Wing Chun Dummy set until the Dim Mak knowledge within it is opened up. I was also told by someone that Master Ip Chun has stopped teaching the Dim Mak aspect, is this true? Thanks for your help. JR, England


In regard to your questions about the Qigong aspects of Wing Chun, actually the wooden dummy has nothing to do with Qigong. Everything in Wing Chun

Wing Chun Dummy

They are also one of the best ways of driving out negative Qi relates to Qi, but practice of the wooden dummy is not about strengthening the skin, bones and marrow. It is about practice of correct angles and footwork. For energy practice, this is done during Chi Sau not the wooden dummy.

Regarding Dim Mak skill, my Sifu, Grandmaster Ip Chun, has never taught Dim Mak and hence, has never stopped. In the early times, he discussed the Dim Mak skill with me and he believes that the normal attacking skills of Wing Chun, like chopping the neck and punching will have the same damaging effect as Dim Mak and is faster and more direct than searching for a particular acupuncture point to attack.

Dim Mak is a skill outside the Wing Chun system and has its own separate principles different than Wing Chun but they are nothing to do with the Wooden Dummy skill. I hope this has clarified things for you. Best wishes, Michael Tse

Question About Horse Stance

In the standing position called "Child Worships Buddha" a horse stance position, we are required to squat down with our backs straight and our palms together (as if praying) in front of the Middle Dantian.

My Sifu told me that you should keep your back straight and your feet parallel. The only problem I am having (apart from the physical effort of doing the posture) is that if I keep my feet parallel and sink d o wn , I c a nn o t keep my back straight, and if I keep my back straight I found my toes start to point outwards.

Is it better then to have the back straight or have the feet parallel.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Question asked in seminar

This is a very common question people have when they first start to do "horse stance" postures. It all depends on how flexible your joints are and also how strong you are. We do these exercises to create heat in the body as they make the Qi stronger and also develop the circulation. They are also one of the best ways of driving negative Qi out of the body.

You should always make sure that you build up very gradually at first. Do not go down too low to allow your body to get used to the exercise and let your joints become more flexible and stronger. It is best to keep your back as straight as you can, but if you find you lean forwards a little bit, then this is OK. If you bend forwards a lot, then you have gone too low and should keep up until you can straighten your back. As for the feet, keep them as parallel as you can. Again if you find they point out a little, then this is OK, but do not let them go too far. Again you should come up if they do.

The most important thing is to build up step by step. Go down as far as you can while keeping a good posture and come up when you are tired. Keep your eyes open, but make sure you do not focus on anything. When you finish always remember to Shou Gong to settle your energy. Michael Tse

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This site is a general grab bag of various topics on things Chinese, including travel, study, Feng Shui, Qigong, martial arts, etc. Has links to other sites which can be irritating as they are trying to sell something but if can bear this in mind, it is a fun site for dabbling but not for in-depth resources.

Ever wonder how to write Chinese characters? Each character has its own order in which the stroke is made and each stroke will have a special way in which it is created, either downwards, to the side, etc. This animated site will show you how to write selected Chinese characters, stroke by stroke.

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Michael Tse to look like him and went to meet Kiu Fung.

At the meeting, Chu's father (Kiu did not know it was Chu) admitted mistakenly killing Kiu's parents. Kiu Fung only thought of revenge and used all his energy to strike him, but at the moment he struck he realised the man did not know any martial arts. His body was too weak and light, so something was wrong. However, it was too late. His opponent had taken all his power and Kiu Fung __

was one of the best martial artists in China.

After he hit, he went over to Chu's father, as he knew something was not right. When he looked closer he realised it was Chu. He was so sad. Chu told him that the person he was looking for was her father and she did not want Kiu to kill him. So she took his place and tried to clear up all the mistakes that had happened. Then she died.

Kiu Fung cried and cried. Although he was one of the strongest men in China and his level of skill was so high, he still had a soft heart. He would do absolutely anything to bring her back, but it was too late. She did not respond to anything he did or said. Chu just lay still in his arms. Kiu picked up her body and began to run. He ran for miles and miles, and did not feel any pain or any tiredness. He just wanted to run as if it might use his energy to stop all the sadness and pain in his heart.

He did not know were he was going and screamed up to the sky, hoping that this was all a terrible dream and that there would be some miracle that would change everything and bring Chu back to life. Then they would hide away where no one would know them and lead a quiet life and have a family But he could not change what had happened.

Eventually Kiu found out that the man he was looking for was not Chu's father at all and so Chu's death was another terrible mistake. The story goes on and Kiu actually finds his father alive and that the person who had made all the original claims had done so out of jealousy

Kiu knew that all the things that had happened had no meaning and

that revenge and killing had no ending. He found he was not a Song or a Xidan. He was educated under the Songs, but although he was born a Xidan he was running in their blood.

Kiu did not want anything anymore, so he killed himself so he could go and look for Chu.

This is a sad story, but you should know that it was a story written by my favourite Chinese novelist, Kam Yung. Kiu Fung was not a real person, he is just a character out of a novel, but his truthfulness and honesty impressed me a lot.

His words, "There is nothing I need to hide and nothing I cannot tell others" have always been favourites of mine, and that is why, about ten years ago I wrote my own poem, "Simple and natural is my method, true and sincere is my principle." I have still not reached that level yet, 100% honest, but I am working on it. I am not trying to hide everything, but of course everyone has his or her privacy and there is no need to tell everyone everything as particularly today, it is not safe to do so. I will also not make up stories about other people.

Being completely honest is very difficult to do, for example, if you meet someone and they look tired and ill, if you tell them the truth they might be offended. So I will prefer to say they look OK.

Also, if someone tells you a secret then you should not tell anyone. That is honest and shows your loyalty. If you gossip about people then your are not being honest and so you do not understand how to be a true person.

Having studied Qigong for so manyyears I have seen many different schools:- Daoist, Buddhist, Confucian, martial art and medical. Actually, they are all the same, only we look at where they originally came from. If you look at the higher levels, they are all teaching how to get balance and to do things properly

If your posture is straight, you walk in a balanced way with left and right co-ordinating together, eat properly, sit correctly, and think correctly, you will be healthy and will not suffer from illness until your energy runs out, or you decide when you want to go.

Behaving properly, not being selfish, being honest and not lying is a very high level of Qigong because your mind and body are correct. When we lie and our thinking is deformed, then it is like your posture being crooked with one shoulder higher than the other. This is like having one tyre on your car deformed and so it will not run properly. When you are selfish, then you start to close up and eventually you will become depressed and ill.

So after practising so manyyears of Qigong and martial arts I have realised that high level skill is not only about movement, but also it is our attitude.

During November 2001 Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang came to Britain to teach the Chen family Taiji spear. This was the first time that he had taught the spear in Britain and everyone present felt privileged to have the opportunity to learn such an astounding form from such an exceptional teacher.

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