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Continuing on from last issue...

9. If your desk is curved, it means you will have a lot of work. However, you will have more than one type of work, and you must be careful, otherwise you might have a lot of stress.

10. If your desk is round, then you will be very unstable. You will keep changing your work and will not stick to one job.

11. If for your work you use tables of all different shapes then again you will be unstable. Sometimes your work will be good, sometime it will be bad. All these different shapes will create different situations. So at certain times it will be good and other times it will not be good. The best idea is to have a rectangular shaped desk as this is balanced.

12. If your desk wobbles, then you will not be in a stable situation.

13. If you use a computer you should keep it in front of you and not to the left or right. Otherwise you will have neck problems and you will not be able to work properly.

14. When you sit at your desk, you should sit in the middle, keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. If you usually bend your back and stick your head forwards then you will have back problems. Not only this, you will also have lung and heart problems and your shoulders will be tense. Of course, if you are not healthy, how can you do well at your work?

15. When you start work you must make sure your desk is clean and everything you need is in a handy position and not missing if you need it. If you do this before you start work, then it means you will have a good beginning. Like saying hello to someone when you first meet them.

16. When you finish your work, you should clear your desk. This is a good ending. So you have a good beginning and a good ending. However, a good ending is better than a good beginning. So remember, when you leave you should say goodbye to others.

1 7. If you have space either side of your desk, it should be even. If the left side is blocked then it is not good for men and if the right side is blocked, then it is not good for women. If you block both sides, then it is no good for either. The energy might affect you or it might affect members of your family.

18. When you sit at your desk you should not directly face the door. This will cause you stress.

19. If you sit with your back to the door, then you will have many people

A round desk leads to instability

A direct view of the door can make stressed talking behind your back and your lungs and back will have a problem. This is because the draught will blow onto your back and lungs every time the door opens. You will also not be at peace and will be disturbed.

A direct view of the door can make stressed

20. The best is to not directly face the door or have it behind you. The best position is one where you can see the door, but it will not surprise you when it is opened

By Michael Tse

Wing Chun Knives (Baat Jam Do)

Allen Hall, 281 Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6HT

Wing Chun Kung Fu is well known for it's practical self defence techniques. A high level of Wing

Chun training is the Wing Chun Knives (Baat Jam Do), however, this part of the system is less well known and normally takes many years to reach it. The knives train the power of the wrist and arms and also increase your internal power (Gong Lik). This is a rare opportunity to learn how to use the Wing Chun Knives.

Cost: £120 in adv members of the Tse Qigong Centre.

£ 160 in adv non members (includes membership).

Damo Staff

2/3 February

Maria Assumpta Centre, 23 Kensington-Sq. W8 5HN

This is a dynamic and highly enjoyable form that has proved to be very popular! It is good for the posture, stretching the spine and loosening the shoulders and also creates a lot of internal heat. This improves circulation, balance and co-ordination. This form comes from Northern Shaolin Master Wu Chun Yuen, who is almost 80 years old and still very fit and healthy.

Cost: £160 in adv members of the Tse Qigong Centre £200 in adv non members (includes membership) Price includes White Wax Wood Staff. Reduction for those who have attended previously

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