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Dear Sifu Tse,

About three years ago, I started doing Karate at a local club. I thought it was great, but the more interested I became in Martial Arts, the more I realized that I would not get very far with this club. For nearly two years I have been looking closely at different styles with the intent of changing styles. For the past year I have trained very little because I do not find it fulfilling. My Shihan insists on teaching the physical techniques only, he does not talk about, or help to develop the mental and spiritual strength of his students, though I believe you cannot have the physical, without the mental, without the spiritual, because that's what makes a Martial Art different from self-defence and boxing.

I have a great admiration for Chinese culture, so have looked to starting a Chinese Martial Art. I have a special fondness for Canton and have a burning desire to learn Cantonese, as it is such a beautiful language. Wing Chun is a style I have been leaning towards for a while now, but I did not know it originated from Canton. Last week I saw the book you co-wrote with Grandmaster Ip Chun, entitled 'Wing Chun - Traditional Chinese Kung Fu for Self-Defence and Health', for sale in a shop. I recognised your name from the 'Combat' magazine, as I read your articles, 'Talking Qi and Qigong', every issue with great intent, so I bought the book.

Once I started reading the book, I could not put it down. It was so interesting, and the importance of Qi was emphasised regularly, which is something I have been severely lacking in my training up until now. When I read that the style originated from Canton, it was like a perfect coincidence. I have learnt Sui Lim Tao, as best I can without a teacher to guide me, from the book. I find it really peaceful and enjoyable to perform. I feel totally in control during and after practising the form, a state of mind I have felt very rarely in the past.

At the back of the book was your email address, to contact you for information on training, so I decided to take the opportunity. Everything I have learnt about Wing Chun so far urges me on to learn more. I am eager to find out if you know of any reliable Wing Chun teachers in South Wales, or if you could please recommend me to contact someone who might know. I

The importance of Qi was emphasised regularly am also interested to know of any other Wing Chun or Qigong books you have written, as I would also like to purchase them.

I would be extremely grateful if you could help me in my search for knowledge and to eventually achieve a high level of competence in Wing Chun. Thank you for the help you have already done for me, and for any other help you are able to give me in the future. I am grateful for your time and patience, thank you, Yours Sincerely, JL, Wales


Thank you for your letter. At this moment, I do not know of anyone teaching Wing Chun in South Wales although we may have an instructor who will be beginning in a class in Bristol in the New Year. If you would be interested in intensive training, the Centre holds a yearly Wing Chun residential course in the summer which covers basic and more advanced training over a period of five days. It is a good opportunity for both beginners and seniors to train intensively together. If you would like further information on books and seminars, please visit our website at: www.qimagazine.com With kind regards, Michael Tse

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