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Dear Mr Tse,

I've had a lot of debate on the Fook Sau positioning and energy in Wing Chun and would be very interested to know your thoughts. After the Wu Sau, when you drop into Fook Sau, do you press inwards towards the centreline with the elbow as well as pressing forwards or do you just drop the elbow, with hand relaxed and go forward, without pressing towards the centreline? How do you relax the shoulders fully?

There seem to be some people that also pull the wrist back quite strongly in the fook sau, what are your thoughts on this? Thank you for any information you can provide on this movement, and thank you for your time. Keep up the good work with the site and the excellent magazine. R, email

Dear R,

Thank you for your letter. In regard to Fook Sau, we do not use energy to press the wrist/arm into the centreline. Your should drop into the correct position after Wu Sau and then use a forward energy, however, this is not with force. Anything which uses force in Wing Chun will damage the sensitivity. Siu Lim Tao is for building up sensitivity not for creating strength. Best wishes Michael Tse

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