The Water Horse

"Kung Hei Fat Choi"- Happy New Year! Chinese New Year is a time of big celebrations in China and across Asia. Even the west has been influenced by it so much. This year Chinese New Year is on the 12th of February - it will be the year of the Horse and it is a Water Horse.

At Chinese New Year Chinese people will do many nice things at so we will have a good beginning. If the beginning of the year is good, then the end will be easier. But I always say, "Whenever we do anything we need a good beginning and a good end." So we should take care of the ending, as this is very important. So you should be nice to people even when you disagree with them. This way, the next time you meet, you will still have a good feeling and not become enemies. This year is the year of the Horse, and the Horse is the element Fire. As it is a Water Horse, it becomes water at the top and fire at the bottom. So if there is any metal in the middle, it becomes like cooking something. Those people who are the Metal element, like the Monkey and Chicken, will find that there will be a lot of food.

Let me now introduce each animal sign to you and what is in store for you in the New Year. If you were born before approximately the 4th of February, then you might actually belong to the previous year. This depends on when Chinese New Year fell in that year. So if you are not sure, then you will need to look it up.

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