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Human Anatomy and Physiology premium is credited to James Ross, which help to solve some of the anatomy related issues which pose a significant challenge to the student and also young doctors. The product contains more 3000 pages with illustration and even graphics, which enhances a better understanding of the various topics in human physiology and also anatomy. It comprises of the component systems which covers many lessons. This product has been used by different practitioners and also a scholar in enhancing some better understanding of the topics in anatomy. Some of the illustrations and even graphics which are covered in the product have been researched and contain more detailed explanations which would rely upon. The product is available in the E-book, and one can download and also enjoy some bonus which would enhance some better understanding of the various topic which keeps on giving some of the problems too many people. Read more...

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Chi Kung can create an ultimate strong body through its breathing and conditioning processes

Secret Qigong Breathing Techniques

Now we call it qigong in order to fit the consciousness of contemporary people and make it easier to be popularized. As a matter of fact, it is inherently the Chinese way of cultivating the human body. In the museum of National University of Peru, there is a large rock in which is engraved a human figure observing celestial bodies through a telescope in his hands. This human figure

The Application of Yin and Yang in Outgoingqi Therapy

(1) Yin and Yang in Explanation of the Physiological Structure of the Human Body As far as the whole human body is concerned, the upper part is yang while the lower is yin the back is yang, the abdomen is yin the left is yang and the right is yin the exterior is yang and the interior is yin. So far as the internal organs of the human body are concerned, the six fu-organs (six hollow or- gans referring to the gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, urinary bladder and Sanjiao or three warmers) are yang while the five zang or viscera (five solid organs referring to the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney) are yin. As for an individual organ, the function of the organ is yang and the substance is yin qi is yang while the blood is yin. It is hence written in Su Wen Jin Gui Zhen Yan Lun (Plain Questions Synopsis of Genuine Words of the Golden Chamber) that It is said that, of the human being,the lateral aspect is yang and the medial is yin of the body, the back is yang...

Martial Chi Kung for Fighting

As acupuncture theory became better understood, fighting techniques were able to reach even more advanced levels. Martial artists learned to attack specific areas, such as vital acupuncture cavities, to disturb the enemy's Chi flow and create imbalances which caused injury or even death. In order to do this, the practitioner must understand the route and timing of the Chi circulation in the human body. He also has to train so that he can strike the cavities accurately and to the correct depth. These cavity strike techniques are called Dien Shiuh (Pointing Cavities) or Dim Mak (Pointing Vessels). Chinese doctors discovered long ago that the human body has twelve major channels and eight vessels through which the Chi circulates. The twelve channels are like rivers which distribute Chi throughout the body, and also connect the extremities (fingers and toes) to the internal organs. I would like to point out here that the internal organs of Chinese medicine do not necessarily correspond to...

Chapter General Introduction

Pleura And Musculature

Chi Kung may be thought of as internal aerobics. Chi, as an aerobic energy involving air, steam, and pressure, presses out and circulates to protect the human body. One can compare the internal pressure created by Chi to the force of air in a tire which is sufficient to keep the tire inflated and maintain a cushion between the car and the road. (Fig. 1.6)

Falun Zhou Tian Fa Falun Heavenly Circulation Exercise Principle

Zhineng Qigong Empty Space

This exercise enables energy of the human body to circulate over large areas. Rather than going through only one or several channels, the energy circulates from the whole Yin side of the body to the Yang side over and over again. This exercise is much superior to the average methods of opening up the energy channels, or, the great and small heavenly circulation. It is an intermediate-level exercise of Falun Gong. On the basis of the previous three sets of exercises, this one is intended to open up all the energy passages throughout the body (including the great heavenly circuit), so that energy channels will be gradually connected throughout the whole body from the top to the bottom. The most outstanding feature of this exercise is to use the rotation of Falun to rectify all the abnormal conditions of the human body, so that the human body, the small cosmos, returns to its original state and the energy of the whole body can circulate freely and smoothly. When reaching this state, the...

The Five Animals Frolic Wu Qin Xi

Five Animals Frolic Chi Kung

It works well for health care. Wu Pu, one of the disciples of Hua Tuo, practised this exercise for building a good physique and he could hear and see well, had firm teeth and looked like a middle-aged man even when he was more than ninety.

Fang ifr Cosmos Space and Time

Cosmos Qigong

A silk painting on this Feiyi displays an understanding of this ancient Wu cosmos as it was conceived in the Han Dynasty and in earlier times. Feiyi, literally meaning flying cloth, is a silk funerary banner. This Feiyi, (discovered in 1972 in Mawangdui Tomb Number One, which was unearthed near modern-day Changsha, Hunan Province) is a pictorial memorial of a deceased person. Dated to the 180's BCE, it resembles an article of clothing and presents the human body on a scale larger than its mere physical form. It is pictured as a microcosm of the universe.

The Microcosmic Orbit Method

Microcosmic Orbit

The human body begins to form at the moment that an ovum is fertilized. First to develop is the spinal cord, including that portion at the top that will become the brain. This means that the central nervous system which will function as a kind of control center in the human body develops first peripheral parts then follow symmetrically (Figure 2-1). There are vital points running from the top of the head to the groin along a line at the center of the body in not only newborn babies but also in developing fetuses. In martial arts, this center line is supposed to contain various vital points that are especially important in attacking or protecting. In Eastern medicine, too, this center line on the back and the front of the human body is considered important for many reasons in diagnosis and treatment. People seem to have known intuitively for some time that the center line of the human body is the site of important energy routes. As I explained in the previous chapter, these energy...

Essentials of Human Physiology

Essentials of Human Physiology

This ebook provides an introductory explanation of the workings of the human body, with an effort to draw connections between the body systems and explain their interdependencies. A framework for the book is homeostasis and how the body maintains balance within each system. This is intended as a first introduction to physiology for a college-level course.

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