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In the 1960s Master Feng was working in the Beijing Electrical Motor Company. In the workshop, motors weighing 1,000 jin (which is about 1,100 pounds) were being transported from one end of the workshop to another via an overhead hoist. One day while a motor was being transported, the steel cable that held the motor to the hoist came loose and suddenly the motor fell off the hoist. In a split second, Master Feng, who was working nearby, miraculously appeared right underneath the hoist. His two hands firmly took hold of the motor that was falling and placed it on the floor safely. This happened amid the screaming and shouting of the nearby workers. The electrical motor was saved. The workers at the workshop were shocked. When they came to their senses they realized what they had witnessed. The electric motor weighed about 1,000 jin and it normally took about seven to eight strong young men to move it. With the speed of its fall and its weight, what kind of power would it take to stop it?

The workers approached Master Feng and asked, "Did you not know how much the motor weighed? Why didn't you get away instead of trying to stop it? Did you ever consider the consequences of your actions?" Master Feng answered. "No, I didn't. At the time, I did not realize what was happening. I do not know how I came be under the motor and how my hands grabbed it. 46

The only thing I felt was that my dantian felt like it blew up and a hot gush rushed up the back of my spine. 1 stopped and caught the motor."

The workers in the company all had heard the amazing stories about Master Feng's martial arts but it was the first time they had seen the real amazing power of Master Feng with their own eyes. Without seeing this occurring in front of them no one would have believed what Feng had done. When the news of this traveled, everyone knew that the Electrical Motor Company had an amazing martial artist. Many young people driven by curiosity wanted to come and test him but Master Feng knew that these young people were not strong enough and just a little hot headed. No matter how they tried to "bully" him. he always smiled and never took the challenges seriously.

One day while Master Feng was squatting, working in the workshop, a fairly big and tall young man crept up behind him. This fellow had served in a combat unit in the army. He had a lot of training in Chin-Na and army combat fighting techniques. He had always wanted to try to test the kungfu of Master Feng. He saw this moment as a good opportunity. When he got close to Master Feng he suddenly pushed, hoping to shove Master Feng over from his squatting position. However, the moment he touched Master Feng's back he was thrown up into the air and then heavily on the floor. This convinced him wholeheartedly of the martial art ability of Master Feng.

At a different time there was a martial artist who did not believe that taiji could be used in fighting. He asked to test it with Master Feng. Master Feng agreed. When he punched Master Feng he felt that Master Feng's body shook just a little but he was still thrown out. Later Master Feng allowed this martial artist to press into Master Feng's body. As soon as he applied strength the martial artist heard Master Feng generate the noise of "heng" and "ha" from his Dantian. Then he was thrown out again landing solidly on the ground. He was dumbfounded.

Around this time the Electric Motor Company had a wrestling team. There were 12 members on this team. They were all active, strong young fellows. One day, as Master Feng was walking by the training ground of the wrestling team, the young wrestlers saw him and surrounded Master Feng, wanting to test his power. Master Feng knew he could not refuse. He smiled and said, "Why don't all twelve of you line up together and push me together". The twelve thought that each one of them could produce several hundred pounds of power. If they all pushed together there would be at least two to three thousand pounds of power. How could they not move him? In a line, like a train, they readied to push Master Feng. The person in front put his two hands on Master Feng's stomach and on the count of three everybody pushed together. Master Feng stood there like Mount Tai of Shandong. He never moved an inch. Suddenly, Master Feng's dantian turned and all twelve wrestlers fell to the ground. This event caused all of the wrestlers to wholly respect the power of Master Feng.

It was a coincidence that in 1987 in the International Wushu Training Seminar in Shenzhen, one of the fellow students wanted to test Master Feng's power. He invited seven other students to line up and push Master Feng in the same fashion as the wrestlers had. The same thing happened to all of the seven as had happened to the twelve wrestlers. These students too all had high praise for Master Feng's kung fu.

During one of his visits to Japan in the early 1990s, he was invited to give a demonstration at a large Japanese martial arts event. A former Prime Minister of Japan was in attendance as a special guest. After his demonstration of Cannon Fist, most of the more than 2000 audience reported that they personally felt the Qi of master Feng during the demonstration. The former Prime Minister came to praise him and congratulate him. No wonder he has been invited repeatedly to Japan.

Since reaching the age of 70, Master Feng does not use much obvious power during his push hands sessions any more. Some speculated that maybe he is getting on and lost his power. Nothing is farther from the truth. According to the theory of Taiji, the highest level should be power with emptiness. The power is exhibited as one's soul, not the physical body. When he was teaching a seminar in Europe in the summer of 2000, he was doing some

relaxing push hands with an attendee one day. His eyes were closed and his body relaxed. He was simply flowing with his opponent. He was so relaxed that it appeared that he was falling asleep. His opponent saw a good opportunity and gave a sudden powerful double-handed push to his chest. Before the hands reached Feng, his eyes opened. His opponent went flying backward and fell against a tree about 10 feet away. No one was able to see what Feng did. The opponent later reported that he was quite sure a beam of light like lightening shot out of Feng's eyes and blew him away. Could it be that Feng has reached the highest level of Taijiquan?

His power and ability are not limited to martial art related activities. In the winter of 1998, one of his disciples went to visit him in Beijing. On the day of his arrival, grand master Feng fractured a small bone in his heel while taking a show in his primitive bathroom. He had accidentally slipped on a bar of soap while take a shower. He was bed-ridden and his ankle was swollen. His two Chinese anmo (like physiotherapy) disciples immediately arrived to help. He told them that he would recover in a few days and that they did not have to worry at all. The doctor suggested a recovery time of one to two months. In live days, his was seen on the street unloading wheat flower onion sacks off a truck. Not only had he recovered, he was helping others already. He was instructing the young moving company workers how to use their waist more effectively. Is this the normal behavior of a retired man of over 70

years of age? Would he be able to unload a truck load of onion sacks had he not been a Taiji and Qigong master?

One morning in the winter of 2001, Feng was leaving the Temple of Earth after a morning practice. He was accompanied by Chen Zhonghua, Yaron Seidman and several others from Europe and Xinjiang Province of China. Chen Zhonghua and Yaron Seidman fell behind while talking. As they were speeding up to catch up to the group, they saw Feng shoot up about 3 feet into the air. He was so light and graceful that he did so without the people walking by his side knowing it. When Yaron Seidman asked him about it. He explained that his foot got caught in the cracks of the pebble stones. His body instinctively jumped up, avoiding a fall. Feng said it was the "spring force" that comes from Hunyuan Taiji. "Why are we doing Taiji if we cannot even do that? We don't fall down any more. We have this special energy." This is from a man of 73 years of age. How many leg bones, knees and hips can we save if we all practiced Taiji?

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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