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In July of 1982 a national famous taiji masters exhibition was held in the metropolitan city of Shanghai. At this time, in the Shanghai martial arts field it was like the weather of July. There was a heat wave for the art of taiji. Master Feng Zhiqiang was the hottest spot of this heat wave. There were two reasons. Number one, people wanted to see this famous master who defeated the foreign martial artist and see the representative of Chen Style Taijiquan. The second reason was that during this exhibition Master Feng Zhiqiang came to Shanghai by himself and the organizers would supply a push hand partner for him to show real push hands kungfu. (Other masters demonstrated push hands with their own students).

The first partner was a practitioner of taijiquan. As soon as they touched hands, Master Feng shook, his opponent flew into the air and was thrown out in a straight line. He hit the chairman's podium and knocked down the cups on the head table. The audience applauded the powerful taiji push hands of Master Feng. The second push hands partner was a famous martial artist from

Shanghai. He specialized in external hard qi gong training. He was known for defeating many people. The demonstration was in an outdoor sports facility. As soon as they touched the opponent did not show any courtesy but Master Feng threw him on the ground right away. He came back and tried again. This time he was thrown out several meters. He approached for the third time. This time he flew out horizontally. Participants of the exhibition and the audience saw with their own eyes the true power of Chen Style Taijiquan. They were convinced of the power of Master Feng Zhiqiang. Master Feng's opponent was convinced whole-heartedly. He expressed what everybody else was thinking. "Master Feng's kung fu is real kung fu. Master Feng's taiji is real taiji." After that encounter he became a close friend and student of Master Feng. For a while "Fen Zhiqiang, Real Taiji" became a topic of the martial arts circles of Shanghai. At the demand of the taijiquan enthusiasts of Shanghai after the exhibition. Master Feng was invited to stay in Shanghai to teach Chen Style Taijiquan. He stayed for three and a half months. The number of participants reached the highest level ever in Shanghai and there were participants to his workshops from all styles of taijiquan.

During his workshop days in Shanghai he was constantly challenged by martial artists using different channels and excuses. Master Feng always practiced the restraint of "To the Point". The martial artists in Shanghai all acknowledged very high respect for Master Feng's martial art and martial art ethics. He developed many friendships in Shanghai.

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