Hunyuan Qigong Breathing

• Starting the massaging with turning only when there is heat on the hands. If there is no heat after applying this procedure three times, repeat until heat is felt.

In addition to inside and outside becoming one, the whole body should also be treated as one, making opening and closing moves of the chest and back.

• Forget about breathing with nose and mouth. Go naturally. Hints

• The chest of a person is like a HUNTIANYI15. The chest contains the following points of the REN meridian: HUAGAI, ZIGONG, YUTANG, TANZHONG, ZHONGTING, and JUJUE. These are all important points related to lightness of the body. Especially TANZHONG is the meeting point for QI and thus it is also called "Upper Sea of QI". The QUANJING said, "TA1HE YUAN QI is evolved in the chest." " The absorbing and neutralizing are all in the chest, stomach and waist."

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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