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This exercise is designed to use HUNYUAN QI in the nature to cleanse the three JIAO and the five internal organs. The impure QI will be replaced with clear and fresh QI. The natural HUNYUAN QI will combine with the internal HUNYUAN QI.


The two feet open to shoulder width. Stand upright straight. The whole body must be relaxed. Look forward.

• Positive HUNYUAN Circles (1-2; 1-3) Photos are not provided for these moves.

Standing in the same position. Draw three positive HUNYUAN circles. Eyes should follow the hands.

• Negative HUNYUAN Circles:

Standing in the same position. Continue from the last movement and make three negative HUNYUAN circles. The same way as the positive circles except the direction is the opposite.

Continue from the last movement and drop both hands. They open up slightly.

Both hands (together with arms) rise to the top of head from the side of the body. Eyes look up slightly. Pause.


7 Also SAN JIAO. It means the Triple Burner System.

Hunyuan Qigong
1-4 1-5

Both palms face inwards. They travel downwards through the face, then chest and stop in front of the knees. The whole body relaxes and returns to WUJI Standing Posture. Repeat this move 36 times and perform the closing form. Return to BAOYUAN GUIYI8 (All becomes one).

Triple Burner Exercise Qigong

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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