The Legacy Continues

Master Feng is a prolific martial artist, both in martial art and in literary abilities. Not only does he have high-level expertise in martial art, he is also a very learned person. He likes to take advantage of the essence of various styles to his own use. His mind is always open. He is not conservative and he is always willing to share his experiences and the earlier teachings of his masters with others in the form of written and oral teachings. Over the decades, he has published the following works:

"Taijiquan Practical Fighting Techniques";

"Selected Works of Chen Style Taijiquan";

"Entrance to Chen Style Taijiquan";

"Taiji Hunyuan Neigong";

"Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan";

"Chen Shi Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan";

"Chen Shi Taijiquan Silk Reeling Gong";

"Chen Style Taiji 24 Elbow";

"Chen Style Taiji Chin Na";

"Chen Style Taiji Broad Sword";

"Taiji Bang QIGONG";

"Taiji Eight Techniques Basic Training";

"Chen Style Taijiquan Push Hands".

He has also produced dozens of instructional videos and other materials. His teachings about the essence of taiji, the secrets of taiji, and the training methods of taiji have been published in many influential journals and magazines in China and abroad. His teachings and articles have caused heuristic discussions in the research of theory of taijiquan, both in China and abroad and are loved by many martial art enthusiasts. Many of his articles have been translated into foreign languages. Some have been published and republished many times.

All these works are the lifetime hard work and experiences of Master Feng's taijiquan. They will serve as a milestone to the development of taijiquan and to the development of Chinese Martial Arts to the world. Master Feng often says, "Let Chinese taiji culture serve mankind better, this is my best wish" 50



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