Discover The Secret Of Immortality

Discover The Secret Of Immotality

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As a whole, this book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

An Eternal Life

The significance of eternal life is like growing plants. If we take good care of the seeds in the winter and store them carefully, life comes back more strongly in the spring and a better harvest will result. So, in the present, we need to treasure our lives and take care of our bodies in the physical and spiritual layers. Then when death comes, we will not be afraid because we will have a deeper understanding of the whole process or pattern of birth and death. In the Chinese shamanic tradition, people don't worry about death and are calm in facing death. In my memory, my grandmother was in her sixties when she prepared her coffin. She chose all the materials by herself to get ready for death. This is a very old tradition. In her case, death did not come for more than twenty years, but she still got ready for it. She passed away in her nineties. Believe you have your eternal life and then you will treasure your current life.

Early Taoist alchemists

The original Taoist alchemists were later called wai tan or outer alchemists. Their main goal was to obtain the secret elixir of immortality. The means to this end was to compound substances such as mercury and gold in their alchemical furnace to create the immortal pill. They believed that by ingesting the correct compound they would attain physical immortality. As was the case with early scientists and alchemists in the West such as Newton, this work developed into a proto-science that led to other discoveries.14 In China research of the alchemists led to multitudinous discoveries, including advancements in medical herbology and metallurgy and the discovery of gunpowder.

Mountaindwelling Taoists

Of the well-known martial arts it is often said that only Ba Gua is purely of Taoist origin.47 Dong himself said that he learned his art from a mountain Taoist. Historical records show that there were mountain Taoists and that they practiced martial arts along with special energetic methods, meditation, and Taoist yogas in the search for physical immortality and union with the Tao. Aspirants left civilization behind to live in these remote locations where they were free to practice esoteric health and mind-training regimens. To get a glimpse into the influence mountain Taoists had on Dong it is useful to examine the life and practices of these Spartan highlanders. In The Secret and Sublime, noted Sinologist John Blofeld describes his meetings with Taoist holy sages and recluses in the mountains of China before the 1949 communist takeover of the mainland. Below is an account of Taoists in mock battle he observed one evening while a guest at a Taoist hermitage

Neutral Smile of Acceptance vs Acts of Love

This chi in turn radiates the quality of unconditional acceptance to the nucleus of the cells and all the subtle bodies. These subtle bodies are the layers of the chi field that hold the shape of our personal physical, sexual, emotional, mental, soul, and immortal selves.

Regulating the Breath

The Daoist book Chang Dao Zhen Yan (Sing (of the) Dao (with) Real Words) says One exhale one inhale to communicate Qi's function, one movement one calmness is the same as (is the source of) creation and variation. 6 The first part of this statement again implies that the functioning of Qi is connected with the breathing. The second part of this sentence means that all creation and variation come from the interaction of movement (Yang) and calmness (Yin). Huang Ting Jing (Yellow Yard Classic) says Breathe Original Qi to seek immortality. 7 In China, the traditional Daoists wore yellow robes, and they meditated in a yard or hall. This sentence means that in order to reach the goal of immortality, you must seek to find and understand the Original Qi which comes from the Lower Dan Tian through correct breathing. Moreover, the Daoist Wu Zhen Ren ( & A a ) said Use the post-birth breathing to look for the real person's (i.e. the immortal's) breathing place. 8 In this sentence, it is clear...

Seven Formulas of the Seven Books of the

(d) Beginning of the half immortal (joining and sublimation of the body & soul) (g) Gradually reduce food intake and depend on inner self, sun, moon and water, a beginning of the cosmic energy. (beginning of the Half Immortal). Sixth Formula Congress of Heaven and Earth Immortality The sixth, most advanced, formula is difficult to describe in words. It involves the incarnation of a male and a female entity within the body of the adept (this might correspond to the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara). These two entities have sexual intercourse within the body. It involves the mixing of the Yin and Yang powers on and about the crown of the head and being totally open to receive energy from above and regrowth of the pineal gland to its fullest use. When the pineal gland is at its fullest, it will serve as a compass to tell us in which direction our aspirations can be found. Taoist Esotericism is a method of mastering the spirit, as described in Taoist Yoga. Without the body, The Tao cannot be...

Qi Exercises to Generate more Qi

Qi What is it Qi, now where did that word come from Qi (pronounced Chee ) is also known as chi, and to the Japanese it is called Ki. Chi is your life force, your energy. It is vital for without Qi you would be dead for there would be no life in you. Most people gather Qi without even knowing it they gather it from the foods they eat and by sleeping. Others have discovered how to gather more Qi through meditation, martial arts like Tai Chi (Taiji), Qi Gong (Chi Kung), and through deep rhythmic breathing from the stomach. There are several other ways but I won't list them all here. If one has a vast amount of Qi he will live longer than others who have not gathered extra Qi will. Daoists believed through meditation and Qi training one could become immortal. There are several legends of very old Tai Chi masters being able to fly because of this amazing energy. But aside from Qi there are a few other energies I will list them. Yi Yi is intention. You will. You use Yi everyday to talk to...

Relationship between Zhan zhuang and Martial arts

From all these major techniques, post technique has its unique training properties in martial arts. With this stillness standing method you can practice and cultivate breathing, increase your power, reshape and homogenize your movements. Zhuang means post this requests you to observe stillness and stability as a post , within this practice of non-moving and internal breathing, your strength will increase, you are seeking moving inside non-moving another aspect is that through ZZ method you are remobilizing your breath and increasing strength lower limbs can maintain stability as a post, in Shaolin boxing about secret techniques it said 'if you become proficient horse standing (Ma bu standing), then Qi penetrates Dantian, you become vigorous as an immortal'. Whatever boxing styles or schools, all practitioners should first master it (post standing)'

Taoist Yoga and the Kundalini

Because the full transformation of all physical and mental chi into spiritual chi energy normally takes many years, there is a danger of premature physical death before the process is finished. This danger becomes more acute with practices that accelerate the inrush of kundalini energy, as the body and glands must adjust to radical changes in metabolism. The Taoist masters circumvented this by mastering the act of physical longevity, chronicled widely in Taoist literature as the quest for physical immortality. The collective genius of the Taoist masters evolved an esoteric spiritual system designed to simultaneously awaken the kundalini and function as a healing system applicable to the whole gamut of daily stresses and illnesses.

Martial Chi Kung for Fighting

It was also recorded in the Ming dynasty in Ming Lan Yin Chi Shou Lei Kou Chang the Immortal, named Jiun-Bao, also named Chuan-Yi, nicknamed Shuan-Shuan, also called Chang Lar-Tar. In the third year of Tian Suen (1460 A.D.) he visited Emperor Ming Ying Tzong. A picture was drawn. The beard and mustache were straight, the back of the head had a tuft. Purple face and big stomach, with a bamboo hat in his hand. One the top of the picture was an inscription from the emperor honoring Chang as Ton Wei Sien Hua Jen Ren' (a genuine Taoist who finally discriminates and clearly understands much (Figure 1-1X*9). The record is suspect, because if is were true, Chang San-Feng would have been at least 500 years old at that time. For Buddhist priests, who seek the enlightenment of the Buddha, regulating the Shen is the final goal of Chi Kung. This enables them to maintain a neutral, objective perspective of life, and this perspective is the eternal life of the Buddha. The average Chi Kung...

Chapter One Qi Dao Fundamentals

About 2,500 years ago, the prominent Chinese philosopher Lao Tze presumably wrote Dao De Jing, which brought together many pieces of the ancient Oriental wisdom and formed the foundation of Daoism. The adherents of that teaching created Daoist Qigong dedicated to the attainment of great longevity and, supposedly, immortality. Around the same period of time, the followers of the famous Chinese philosopher Kung Fu Tze (a.k.a. Confucius) formulated Confucian Qigong, mainly concerned with mentoring leaders and guiding them in creating a harmonious society. Around the same time in India, Buddha Shakyamuni taught his teachings to thousands of devoted disciples, who eventually started practicing Buddhist Qigong to achieve spiritual awakening, or Nirvana. The adepts of Tantra, a mystical sect of Hinduism that spread via the Himalayas into Tibet, came up with Tantric Qigong dedicated to self-realization through the means of enlightening personal and transpersonal relationships. Therapeutic...

The Original Spirit Breath Reborn as our Inner Child

People Deep Meditation

A primary goal of Daoist inner alchemy is to cultivate our yuan chi, our Original Breath. Original breath manifests as the presence of our unconditioned inner self. We nurture our Original Breath to help us literally rebirth our immortal child , or Original Spirit, while still alive in our body. Smiling Chinese Long Life figure, with third eye swollen from deep meditation on the Tao. Why is he always shown smiling He is holding his inner or immortal child in his arms, suggesting that the Sage has successfully cultivated his Original Breath (chi), thereby inspiring his Original Spirit (shen) to rebirth its Original Substance (jing). The wisdom of the smiling Sage and the vitality of the smiling baby are thus merged into one. The term Lao Tzu (Laozi) can be translated as Ancient Child .

Chapter General Introduction

Pleura And Musculature

In the spiritual plane, the aim is to develop the immortal fetus. The immortal fetus is developed in two stages. The first stage is concerned with overcoming reincarnation. The next stage develops and educates the immortal fetus to become a full-grown immortal spirit. energy. Here our fuel awaits transformation into another kind of energy spiritual energy. As we learn how to develop an immortal spirit compass and computer by opening the pineal gland which will guide us back to Earth to complete the unfinished job of development here, we must maintain our foundation, or rootedness, to the Earth. (Fig. 1.4) Thus we are able to return to Earth, refuel and resume our space travel to our destination until, eventually, we are able to discard the earthly base entirely. Chi Kung also helped to perfect mental faculties, enabling the practitioner to have knowledge of many things. One reads that during the Bolin period, there were eight immortals who spent most of their lives in such practice...

Chapter Seven Conclusion Inner Smile as Path to Enlightenment

Tao Inner Smile

But the Inner Smile was originally transmitted by the Tao hermit One Cloud as a tool for enlightenment, as the linchpin of his Seven Alchemy Formulas for Immortality. One Cloud himself was a breatharian for many years, meaning he lived on chi alone, and ate no food in his mountain cave on Long White Mountain in northeastern China. If you are interested in enlightenment, please join me in a smiling exploration of Tao cosmology and its implications for those of us living in a body and trying to figure out the spiritual meaning of free will.

Empty Force

We usually refer to the lower abdominal area as the Tan Tien, but we actually have three Tan Tiens the Lower Tan Tien (Second Brain), the Middle Tan Tien (Heart, seat of the consciousness) and Upper Tan Tien (behind the mideyebrow point, the seat of the Shen, the spirit). You can read more about the Tan Tien in the booklet on the Chi Kung meditation called Opening the Three Tan Tiens in Six Directions . All three Tan Tiens are used in Taoist inner alchemy. Because of their capacity to deal with a large amount of Chi, the Tan Tiens are used as a laboratory for Inner Alchemical work. Translated from the Chinese, the word Tan means elixir (literally cinnabar, a mineral used in the Outer Alchemy as a basis for the elixir of immortality, since it was considered to have the perfect balance of Yin and Yang). Tien means field or place. It is the place where all the energies of our body, the earth, the Universe and nature come together to form the pearl, the elixir of immortality, the...

Smiling Chi Flow as the Silent Language of Nature

Strengthening personal will depends on having a personal body. Hence the radical Daoist conclusion cultivating the physical body and its inner space is the doorway to enlightenment and immortality. No body, no more cultivation possible. This is the opposite of most other eastern approaches that believe the body is crude and an obstacle that needs to be dropped by the soul as quickly as possible so the soul can fly to a happier heaven.

Levels of Cultivation in Falun Gong

At a certain advanced level in Falun Gong cultivation, Cultivated Infants (yinghai) sometimes appear all throughout a practitioner's body. They are mischievous, enjoy playing, and are kindhearted. Another kind of body can also be produced the Immortal Infant (yuanying). He or she sits on a lotus flower throne that is very beautiful. The Immortal Infant generated through cultivation is created by the merging of yin and yang within the human body. Both male and female cultivators are able to cultivate an Immortal Infant. At the beginning the Immortal Infant is very small. He gradually grows larger and ultimately grows to be the cultivator's size. He looks exactly like the cultivator and is indeed present there in the cultivator's body. When people with supernormal abilities look at him or her, they will say that this person has two bodies. Actually, this person has succeeded in cultivating his or her true body. Many Law Bodies can also be developed through cultivation. In short, all...

The Great Secret of Internal Alchemy

Crying With Smile Pics

The great secret of all alchemists is that the third force hidden with the Tai Chi of yin and yang, the Original Breath (yuan chi), can restore our Original energetic and spiritual body (yuan jing) within the physical dimension. When this is crystallized it is known by many names the Elixir, Golden Light body, immortal body, Immortal Child, the Pearl. Without the personal will to create this body of inner light and inner sound, the Original Breath gradually disperses. We could go deeper into the questions raised by all this, but that is what the higher level inner alchemy courses (both live retreats or Home Study audio-video) are for. These courses take you through One Cloud's seven stages of spiritual and bodily evolution step by step. Each step has a chi kung movement practice as well as a meditation practice that helps you birth your immortal child and raise it to sage-

St Francis of Assisi Punishing the Unholy Body

I believe it was because their spirit was not properly linked to their body. These mystics may attain a One Mind state, but may not achieve the One Body or yang body consciousness sought by Daoist adepts. They achieved a certain high level of mind enlightenment, but did not achieve whole body enlightenment, known in China as immortality.

The nei tan tradition

Again, the original goal of the inner alchemical Taoists was to compound within their bodies the elixir or pill of immortality. Choosing nei yao, or inner medicine over outer medicine, these quests extrapolated models taken from the external experimentation of the outer alchemist's pot, and applied them to the search for answers within the human body. Few martial artists today realize that the concept of the tan tien (tanden in Japanese) derives from the Taoist internal yogic tradition the term tan (or dan) refers to the secret drug of immortality that participants in the yogic tradition believed could be developed in the area of the lower belly (the tien, literally, field ). Thus, tan tien translates as the field of the elixir of immortality. In forming and fashioning the transforming power (of nature), there is none more powerful than man. Therefore, he who penetrates to its shallower (aspects) can put all things to his service, while he who penetrates to its deeper (aspects) can...

What does presence mean in smiling practice

Daoism embraces both of these types of divinities as natural forces spiraling in and out of an androgynous Original Substance-Breath-Spirit. This is why Daoists traditionally accept all the other religions as valid expressions of the Tao, and their deities and practices as part of the universal process. To the extent all entities can embody their source, their Original Breath, they gain eternal presence, known as immortality. To the extent they remain caught in their polar identity as male-fire or female -water deities, they are able to embody only a temporary or cyclical presence. These gods can enjoy only a kind of temporary enlightenment and temporary cultural-religious presence on earth. Natural deities - sun, moon, planets, stars -- are also temporary, but they are far more long lived than human cultural gods. Thus there are many different levels of Tao immortals - human, earthly, heavenly, and celestial. The Inner Smile helps to stabilize your presence at these different depths...

Dan Feng Chao Yang jjj Wj Red Phoenix Visits the

Perenium Sunning

Meaning Dan means red, which is the color of spirit, and it also means elixir. Feng means phoenix, the symbol for the spirit. Chao means face but also means to meet someone in a higher position or from an older generation. Here, it means to raise your spiritual energy. Yang means the sun. The sun symbolizes the Yang energy of the universe and also the spirit of the body. In this movement, the Red Phoenix is the spiritual animal of the South and is therefore related to the Heart. The Red Phoenix visiting the sun represents the pure Yang state of cultivation, which refers to the body transforming into a state of immortality or Enlightenment. Through practicing this movement, we learn to purify our bodies and work through the difficulties involved in moving toward the pure Yang state and understanding the processes therein.

Chapter Three Smile Softly to Overcome the Hard

This is especially clear in One Cloud's Seven Alchemy Formulas for Immortality, which has three kan & li (Water & Fire) formulas for the intermediate stages known as Lesser, Greater, and Greatest Enlightenment. The Water is listed first, but the Fire has to balance it. In the final three formulas the adept moves beyond this polarity. The Inner Smile is a definite method for activating a particular frequency of shen (spirit, or intelligence) within your internal chi field. This spirit is so profound that it is easy at first to miss its subtle power, to skip over it for something more tangible and more superficial. It took me over a decade of exploring One Cloud's Seven Alchemy Formulas for Immortality to realize the Inner Smile was the key practice linking all the formulas.

Inner Smile The Sages Way to Unfold

Mantak Chia Cosmic Inner Smile

But the Inner Smile also has a key function in formulas Two through Seven as well. It is amazing to consider that the Inner Smile is at once the easiest beginner method and the most advanced level of realization (For a full description of the Daoist hermit One Cloud's Seven Formulas for Immortality, see Tao Secrets of Immortality article on my homepage, or find it at tao alchemy formulas.html

It Is The Yi Which Leads The Chi And Makes It Move

The Taoist book Chain Tao Jen Yen (Sing (of the) Tao (with) Real Words) says One exhale one inhale to communicate Chi's function, one movement one calmness is the same as (i.e., is the source of) creation and variation. (*17) The first part of this statement again implies that the functioning of Chi is connected with the breathing. The second part of this sentence means that all creation and variation come from the interaction of movement (Yang) and calmness (Yin). Hwang Tyng Ching (Yellow Yard Classic) says Breathe Original Chi to seek immortality. (*18) In China, the traditional Taoists wore yellow robes, and they meditated in a yard or hall. This sentence means that in order to reach the goal of immortality, you must seek to find and understand the Original Chi which comes from the Dan Tien through correct breathing. Moreover, the Taoist Wuu Jen Ren said Use the Post-birth breathing to look for the real person's (i.e. the immortal's) breathing place. (*19) In this sentence it is...

First Gua Qi still and step on the earth Charging the tan tien qi

The Tan Tien (field of Tan) is the traditional center of qi storage and manufacture. Located traditionally between the navel and the pubic bone, it is the natural balance center of the body. It takes its name metaphorically from the outer alchemist tradition which used various vessels to change and refine lead, mercury and other substances to create the Tan, the drug of immortality.

Harmonizing Wind Unites the Cosmos

Horse Stance Qigong

In Qigong practice, practitioners should always bring energy together to be refined in the cauldron, which is located in the lower belly. One needs to control the wind very well to refine the energy. In Daoist internal alchemy, refining the elixir is a path to allow the mind, breath, and body to unite together in the last step to becoming symbolically immortal. After Jing, Qi, and Shen are harmonized and further refined, the practitioner will be enlightened and resonate with the Dao.

Step Smile to the throat heart and vital organ spirits

Continue smiling down to the thymus gland at the base of the throat, known to Daoists as the little heart that nourishes the immortal child within. Smile inside it, feel it open like a flower, the way it was when you were a child. It can revitalize your immune system, as the source of your most important T-cells. Smile, and feel for the smiling response. 30 seconds silent practice.

Taoist yoga and the martial arts

The question of inner power in the martial arts is fascinating. To some, the mastery of this enigmatic force is considered to be the quintessence of martial arts evolution. Inner power skill, nei kung, involves the link of mind and body and results in enhancement of human potential. In the Taoist-based internal martial art tradition, manifestation of this force occurs in tandem with self-mastery. The Taoists that began the nei tan tradition were fascinated with the subject of the life force. Where the wai tan Taoists sought to create the tan, the drug of immortality in their alchemical furnaces, the nei tan Taoists, to varying extents, rejected the external model of the outer tradition and sought to recreate the elixir of immortality in their own persons without chemical or other external means. The nei tan Taoists were obsessed with reversing the decaying process that leads toward death, and sought to compound within their bodies the secret elixir (or pill) of physical immortality so...

The Confusion of Spoken Language Spiritual Being vs Bodily Becoming

Thus the mortal Becoming self may be suffering great physical pain in one dimension, while the immortal formless Being aspect of Self is not feeling any time pressure to heal its body aspect. This is because our Being side mostly lives in another dimension, beyond linear time, and in continuous ecstasy. Being knows everything will resolve eventually, if only at death, because it lives in an eternal time that is beyond past, present, and future distinctions. This core being experiences the different densities of itself from the perspective of a neutral witness simultaneously present in all three time zones.

The chingchishen model

The quest to compound the mysterious elixir within their bodies became the impetus that led to unique and varied methods used by Taoist yogis in the search for immortality. Among the nei tan adepts who sought the answer to their quest within the microcosm of their own body, the ching-ch 'i-shen model was a fundamental means with which to understand yogic practice. This model, the classical Taoist internal alchemy formula, defines internal energy as a spectrum with three densities, ranging from coarse to insubstantial. This internal energy spectrum is basic to traditional Chinese medicine, Taoist yogas, and internal martial arts. It holds that pure essence, ching, transmutes to the working energy in the body, qi, and further to auric or spiritual qi, shen.

Master Wu Baolin

Ming Dynasty Royal Family Faces

Daoism is one of the philosophies of Chinese culture which has widely influenced the lives of the Chinese people. The Dao De Jing is Laozi's desciption of the philosophy. He suggested everything should follow nature and let everything happen naturally. You should be like water that flows down over everything, but does not need any reward. If we can follow nature, then we can reach a high level of human development, which is what Chinese people call immortality In Daoism, the monks somehow believe that if you can reach the level of an Immortal, when you die you do not need to come back to this world. Whether you believe this is not important, but there are many religions that believe in something like this. However if you believe in this, then you will work your entire life to reach the level of immortal. White Cloud temple has a lot of history about the monks who lived and studied Daoism there to become immortal. When they arrived at White Cloud Temple it was very quiet and there were...


Jade is often associated with immortality. Jade is said to enmerge as a liquid from the side of a mountain and then harden over a period of ten thousand years. If it is mixed with certain herbs then it liquifies to form an elixir of life. It is perhaps for this reason that white jade is associated with Hsi Wang Mu, of the Kunlun moutains. One of the favourite subjects of Chinese artists has been the feast of the immortals by the jade pond (Yao Chi) in the palace gardens of Hsi Wang Mu.


Qigong Positions

Teacher of Lu Tung-pin, one of the Eight Immortals and founder of the Complete Reality Sect. The exercises of Pa Tuan Chin have also been attributed to Chen Tuan, the teacher of the famous Taoist immortal, attributes the exercises to one of the Eight Immortals of Chinese folklore, Chong Li-quan. Chong is later, he followed the diagrams and also became a sage-Immortal. According to a statement in Zhang Liquan (Chong Li-quan) One of the Eight Taoist Immortals Legendary Practitioner of the Eight Treasures Qigong

Wang Li Ping


Daoists say, Seven times seven (meaning forty-nine) days the quality of the blood has changed. Nine times nine (meaning eighty-one) days the quality of the bones has changed. After three years, small success and after ten years, a happy immortal . This means that if you practise everyday your blood will change becoming fresh and full of Qi. Then if you carry on practising, your bones will change because the Qi will be stored in the bones' marrow, making the bones strong and giving you more strength. Then,

Using Imagination

Elastic Force Quan

Exercises were also divided into groups of waidangong (external elixir exercises) and neidangong (internal elixir exercises). Originally waidan and neidan were terms related to alchemy of immortality. Seeking for external elixir was just seeking for elixir of immortality, a substance which would give external life. And neidan exercises were to create the elixir inside body. Gradually tradition of external elixir as a miraculous substance which would give immortality vanished, because many experiments ended with the alchemist's death (but these experiments helped to develop Chinese pharmacology). Gradually the alchemistic terminology of neidangong was transferred to Taoist practices of spiritual development. And

Wu Chun Yuen

Wushu Fingers Work Out

The first form he learned was Xing Sau (Style Hand) and then Er Lian Quan (Three Eyes Immortal Fist) and Green Swallow Fist. Later he learned Mi Ju Quan (Secret Ancestor Fist) and Great Sadness Gong. These were all barehanded forms which make the body light and improves coordination and opens the channels. They also help to develop strong

Origins of Qi Gong

Swimming Dragon

In many instances in Ko Hung's work, the Pao P'u Tzu, he advocates these types of breathing for the attainment of longevity and immortality As stated in the Mental Elucidation of the Thirteen Kinetic Postures (a Taijiquan treatise attributed to the Immortal Ancestor Wang Chung-yueh)

One More Aloha


I am sure you can guess some of those people - Tse Sifu-both as my teacher and my best friend Darryl Moy- whose patience has I am sure earned him Immortality by now Michael Baker- for the weekly emails of humour which were sorely needed at times John Hayes - for always aking time to listen Barbro - for being friend of the heart and for Stefan, for just being a good man, and to all those others in the family, like Julian Wilde who sent me a timely email this summer before the Instructor's Course to say I would be missed. It helped a lot And thanks to Sylvia Royle for the cards and sweet thoughts, Martin Gale who is more than one person's hero, Simon Bedford, Caroline Garvey, Sarah Bloomfield, Mollie Heron, Helen Philpott, Helen Massey, Shahriar Sepangi and Kate Britton. There are many more, and I thank all of them in my heart.


As mentioned in chapter 1, Chinese Qigong has a number of different styles, or schools, which come from different sources. One style, which was developed by scholars and is now practiced by the general populace, is devoted to maintaining health. A second style was developed by Chinese doctors and concentrates on healing. A third style was developed in the Buddhist and Daoist religions to help the devotees reach the goal of immortality. This style seeks not only to improve and maintain health, but also to lengthen life.

Martial qi gong

Taoist Walking Qigong

Ba Gua is a Taoist yogic and martial art involving the use of Taoist transformational exercises and special breathing. Originating from mountain-dwellers seeking health and immortality, today Ba Gua is primarily an art of health. Ba Gua qi gong, the name for Ba Gua exercises that promote health and longevity exercises, is the main concern of this chapter.


The most important reason to open the Bridge and Regulator Channel is to promote the unimpeded flow of energy in the body, to heal the body and to prepare the body to receive and to circulate the higher energy forces of the Immortal Practice in your body. All the Eight Psychic Channels act as receivers and distributors to the organs and glands of the Universal Force. For this reason, working with the Eight Psychic Channels is considered spiritual work in the Taoist system.

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